Hello Windows Phone 7!

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I’m proud to announce that, cocos2d family spreads to the last important platform: Windows Phone 7. This branch is named: Cocos2d-x for XNA.

Beta release download:
Github repository:
Inheriting the open source spirit from cocos2d-iphone, this branch is also open & free under MIT License.

Many developers hope that WP7 can support C++ and GCC, but the bitter reality is that Windows Phone 7 has not open native language layer and no OpenGL ES support. We have no choice except porting the whole cocos2d framework into C# language, base on Microsoft’s XNA framework. In this way, we can migrate cocos2d games onto WP7 only by programming languages translation, without any knowledge of the difference between OpenGL ES and XNA required.

Most features of cocos2d have been implemented. As the video shows:

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But features below are semi-finished or TBD in the next version:
* Transition
* Grid
* Dispatcher of hardware keys messages
* Accelerometer

Cocos2d-x core team and achieve the alpha release together. Cocos2d-x for XNA branch will keep update and sync the translation with cocos2d-iphone & cocos2d-x monthly. Any feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports would be appreciated, please post them into We’ll create bug tracking from posts. If you release games based on this branch, please let me know.

Wish everyone here can make a good profit from Windows Phone 7 :)


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