cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0 release

By zhangxm Posted 2012-03-05 05:41 Comments 21


Primary features

  • support for bbndk2.0
  • build cocos2dx as a staic library, make it more stable on Android, Bada and QNX when using dynamic_cast
  • add CCNotificationCenter
  • make android template supports box2d, chipmunk and lua refer How to create android project with script for usage
  • refactor lua support
  • implement Accelerometer Simulation for Win32

New documents


  • all platforms
    • Bug #925: rename HelloWorld/Resource to HelloWorld/Resources
    • Bug #948: fix a bug that CCMutableArray::getIndexOfObject returns 0 on both “index 0” and “not existing”
    • Bug #951: remove definition of NSMutableSet
    • Bug #961: fix mad behaviour in second stage of CCEaseBackInOut
    • Bug #965: remove some dynamic_cast calling since selector_protocol.h was removed
    • Bug #967: fix a bug that PVR Textures cannot be reloaded after GL context lost
    • Bug #986: add init() funciton in CCMenu class
    • Feature #952: make CCLabelBMFont supports other languages, include Chinese, Korean, Janpanese and so on.
    • Feature #972: add Support for CCNotificationCenter
    • Refactor #933: refactor CCUserDefault
    • Refactor #958: move the implement of SelectorProtocol to CCObject
    • Document #975: add comment for CCTMXTiledMap::getMapSize and more methods
  • iOS
    • Bug #946: fix a bug that can not load HD image for both Retina and Normal correctly
    • Bug #762: fix a bug that CCLabelTTF is in different position (higher) than in previous version on iphone
    • Refactor #985: remove template for xcode3
  • android
    • Bug #947: fix a bug that long chinese string causes closed loop on android
    • Bug #950: fix a crash when touching the screen because of RTTI
    • Bug #954: fix a bug that accelerometer axes inverted on android tablet when setting orientation to portrait
    • Bug #957: fix a bug that when running textInputTest, application enters background after input character and click back key on android devices
    • Bug #959: fix a bug that get wrong multitouch id
    • Bug #964: fix a bug that can not show whole charactor
    • Bug #971: fix dynamic_cast error on android
    • Bug #1008: fix a bug that missing “return” in SimpleAudioEngine::getEffectsVolume() method on android platform
    • Feature #982: make android template supports box2d, chipmunk and lua
    • Refactor #970: use modules in the Android NDK build
  • bada
    • Bug #984: sse static library for cocos2dx project on bada and qnx platform
  • blackberry
    • Bug #960: detect when the application goes and return from background in QNX (Black Berry Playbook)
    • Bug #962: fix some bugs on qnx port
    • Bug #963: fix a bug that applicationWillEnterForeground will be invoked twice when application is launched
    • Bug #968: fix a bug about “Out of bound” in CCFileUtils::getWriteablePath() for BlackBerry
    • Feature #994: add support for bbndk2.0
  • marmalade
    • Bug #995: modify project configure for marmalade port after adding extension support and refactor resource folder
  • win32
    • Feature #969: implement Accelerometer Simulation for Win32.
  • lua
    • Bug #942: fix a crash when invoking CCScheduler:sharedScheduler():scheduleScriptFunc in lua
    • Bug #953: add tolua++ for Mac
    • Refactor #973: Refactor lua support


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