cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.13.0-beta release

By zhangxm Posted 2012-03-29 01:57 Comments 4



Please use ndk-r7b to build android native codes.

Primary features

  • support new ipad
  • simplify written
  • accelerometer simulation for iOS simulator
  • play background music and effect from sdcard or other path

New documents


  • all platforms
    • Bug #1009: fix a typo error in CCNode::setSkewY() and CCNode::getSkewY()
    • Feature #1022: add a static method named CCString::stringWithContentsOfFile()
    • Feature #1072: make CCLabelBMFont support alignment
    • Refactor #737: Delete CCTouch::m_nViewId
  • iOS
    • Bug #1076: fix wrong logging message in CCFileUtils
    • Feature #1033: add support files for Accelerometer Simulation for iPhone Simulator
    • Feature #1089: add support for new ipad
  • android
    • Feature #721: support putting audio resource not only under Resources
    • Refactor #1061: use JNI Helper in CocosDenshion
    • Refactor #1069: make build dependencies from official repos and from sources
  • blackberry
    • Feature #1015: add CCEGLView::EventHandler class and window group id for CCEGLView
  • marmalade
    • Bug #626: fix a but that application doesn’t terminate on exit
  • win32
    • Bug #1014: fix a bug that “Resources” path in build-win32.bat are error
    • Bug #1020: fix a bug that can not create vs template with lua support
    • Refactor #1017: improve win32 timing accuracy
  • lua
    • Bug #1058: fix a bug that CCLuaEngine to call CCTouch::locationInView () use not exist parameter view id
    • Bug #1074: executeFunctionByHandler() not remove parameters from stack, after pushFunctionByHandler() failed
    • Bug #1075: invalid C++ class register order
    • Refactor #1030: rename executeFunctionByRefId() to executeFunctionByHandler() and add some lua support functions
  • linux
    • Bug #1028: fix a bug that linux makefile uses wrong directory name of CocosDenshion
    • Refactor #1051: fix and improve building on linux
    • Refactor #1068: use fontconfig of CCImage::initWithString


  • Diori

    Anybody can tell me how to set up with this version?
    Because out there lot of tutorial to set up on previous version, which is I dont know the compability with other tools.
    What other requirement I have to download? NDK r8? cygwin?

    2012-05-09 08:13
  • 匿名用户
    2014-05-11 23:03
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  • Shane_sipes

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