Cocos2d-x for Windows Phone 8 is out!

By walzer Posted 2012-10-31 08:53 Comments 65

With the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc pushed hard to get this port out which is branched off from Cocos2d-x for Windows 8 metro. Now you can get your game onto Windows Phone 8 before anybody else! It has the same API set as Cocos2d-x C*+ so porting your game is a breeze, and of course as always, it is licensed under MIT, so its free as in beer, and there will be no royalty or what so ever!
WP8 port is mainly written in C*+, with the same API set as cocos2d-x v0.13, which means you can port your cocos2d-x 0.1x games onto wp8 easily and smoothly.

Source Code

Development Environment Requirements

  • Windows 8 (can not work on Windows 7)
  • Visual Studio 2012 (tested on VS2012 Professional)
  • Windows Phone 8 SDK (tested on LKG35)

Status of test cases:

|Test case|Status|
|Actions Test|Pass|
|Transitions Test|Pass, but has a few DirectX warnings|
|ProgressActions Test|Pass|
|Effects Test|Pass|
|ClickAndMove Test|Pass|
|RotateWorld Test|Pass|
|Particle Test|Pass|
|EaseActions Test|Pass|
|MotionStreak Test|Pass|
|DrawPrimitives Test|Pass|
|CocosNode Test|Pass|
|Touches Test|Pass|
|Menu Test|Pass|
|ActionManager Test|Pass|
|Layer Test|Pass|
|Scene Test|Pass|
|Parallax Test|Pass|
|TileMap Test|Pass|
|Interval Test|Pass|
|Chipmunk Test|NA|
|Label Test|Pass|
|TextInput Test|NA|
|Sprite Test|Pass|
|Scheduler Test|Pass|
|RenderTexture Test|The 1st test case is a bit wacky. rest of them are OK.|
|Texture2D Test|Some texture pixel formats are not supported: RGB5A1 (16bit), A8 (8bit), RGBA 4444 (16bit)|
|Box2d Test|Pass|
|HiRes Test|NA|
|Accelerometer Test|NA|
|Keypad Test|NA|
|CocosDenshion Test|Only support .wav format|
|Performance Test|Some texture formats are not supported|
|Zwoptex Test|Pass|
|Curl Test|Failed|
|UserDefault Test|Pass|
|Director Test|Pass|
|Font Test|Text alignment has not been implemented|
|CurrentLanguage Test|Pass|
|TextureCache Test|CCTextureCache::addImageAsync has not been implemented|
|Extensions Test|only CCNotificationCenter is available|
|Lua binding|NA|
|Javascript binding|NA|
|CocosBuilder Support|NA|

What’s next?

Next up, we will firstly merge Windows Phone 8 port with Win8 metro port, then upgrade this branch to the same API set as v2.0.3. expect 1~2 months for this job.


  • fabiobh

    Cocos2d-x team are incredible, work fast.
    I’ll try to develop for wp8, but only for test purposes, because all my app are updated to v2.0.3.
    When the API is set to V2.0.3, I’ll release all my games in wp8.
    Please, continue the good work.

    2012-10-31 09:33
  • samurai9x

    good job! :)

    2012-11-01 03:34
  • Wriggler

    Excellent work chaps - appreciate it!

    2012-11-01 09:30
  • cegparamesh


    2012-11-01 15:27
  • pinky2012

    Thank you []() Great work!

    I’ve been playing around with the framework a bit today. Scaling (design resolution to screen resolution) appears not be be working correctly yet (just try running HelloWorld on the 720p emulator to see what I mean). Also; my game has a design resolution of 1900x1200 (yes I know..). Setting 1200x1900 as the design resolution results in a black screen. After lowering the design resolution to 1200x1700 it does work but it runs out-of-memory really quickly (and crashes). I guess I’ll just have to redesign my game to a lower resolution for WP8.

    2012-11-02 19:02
  • akralj

    Awesome[]()! Congrats! :)

    After few hours of work I was able to run my cocos2d-x 0.13.0-beta based game on windows phone 8 emulator.
    I looks like everything works fine except this screen resolution issue.

    It looks to me a bit strange since CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getWinSize(); returns “480 × 853” screen resolution on 720p emulator. Which as I see on is referred to as scaled resolution, but then CONTENT_SCALE_FACTOR gives me value of “1.0”. I did not set design resolution, since I would like work with device native screen resolution and load textures based on that resolution. Am I missing something, or this is not yet fully supported?

    2012-11-05 09:04
  • xuanquyen46dp

    hi !

    i want to create new project use cocos2D for WP8 but I don’t see template cocos2d-x for vs 2012 pro.

    please help me !.


    2012-11-06 06:04
  • pinky2012

    B.t.w. it would be great if you guys could make this combined Win8 version of Cocos2d-x a XAML/DirectX hybrid project (see the topic " SwapChainBackgroundPanel and gaming" on MSDN). This way we will have all the benefits of DirectX but also the ability to include platform specific controls through XAML, like an Appbar, ads, input dialogs, etc.. It is also the only way of having the onscreen keyboard popup (impossible with just DirectX, which would result in a rejection by Microsoft as every store app should be useable by mouse/keyboard and touch).

    I’ve been experimenting myself to make a hybrid project, but thusfar the screen stays black (largely due to the fact that I have no clue of what I’m doing in the DirectX code and I do not yet fully comprehend the Cocos2d-x dependencies).

    It should (for someone that knows what he/she is doing) be relatively easy to accomplish (CCApplication basically becomes an XAML/CPP hybrid and the DirectX surface that’s being drawn to changes to the SwapChainBackgroundPanel.. that should be about it).

    2012-12-03 07:40
  • gzach

    Awesome work to support WP8[]()

    Is there a roadmap for merging WP8 port with the current 2.x branch ?
    Right now it would be extremely painful to backport existing cocos 2d x apps to WP8 with the different API levels…
    The guys at Microsoft are probably extremely busy right now given the recent WP8 launch but the Windows Store could absolutely do with some additional titles…

    2012-12-11 22:47
  • xuanquyen46dp

    hi Gaylord Zach,

    do you get me your email ?

    I have some problem to WP8. can you support me ?

    2012-12-19 04:24
  • vedi

    Thanks, it’s awesome.
    What’s about v2.x? Do you have a roadmap for that?

    2012-12-25 20:15
  • yuchicoc

    Can this version work on wp7.5? Thanks

    2013-01-07 03:21
  • gzach

    No, it won’t work on WP7.5. Cocos 2Dx requires C*+ support, which was only introduced on WP8.
    Even the announced WP7.8 upgrade doesn’t seem to support C*+.
    If you do require WP7 support, take a look at the older C# port….not ideal, I know.

    2013-01-07 15:24
  • lucav

    Hi, it’s a great job!
    I was wondering if there’s any news regarding the Version 2.x

    2013-01-11 09:46
  • yashu

    Hi,great job when will you release cocos2d-x 2.1.1 API for windows 8 and windows phone 8

    2013-02-13 04:35
  • BananaGames

    Thanks, that’s really awesome!

    2013-05-12 15:44
  • Paresh

    hi Zhe Wang,

    Thanks for such amazing port.
    I am planning to port my new game to windows 8 platform, but I can’t use it right now because all my games are updated to v2.0.3.
    when will you release cocos2d-x 2.x for windows phone 8?

    Please let me know so that I can take a call to port my game to Windows 8 or not.


    2013-06-21 08:14
  • hussain.ali

    Hi Zhe Wang,

    I’ve been going through the Windows Phone 8 Port and its brilliant. What I’ve understood is that you’re using a native C++ application for WP8, is there a way we can integrated third party SDKs (Facebook SDK etc) in it, since all of them are written in C#?


    2013-07-10 05:46
  • hafiz.ubaidullah

    Is there any way to integrate any third-party Crash reporting in my game or anyone have their own custom crash reporting?
    All the third party crash-reproting are supported on C# but not on C++.

    2013-11-19 12:44
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  • dearymz

    The word OUT really confused me. Orz

    2013-12-30 09:51
  • goldy1212

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    2014-01-02 12:47
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