The first joint release of the cocos2d family

By zhangxm Posted 2012-12-05 02:45 Comments 11

Introducing the cocos2d multi-plaform toolchain

We are happy to announce the first coordinated release of the cocos2d family. We are releasing:

* CocosBuilder v3.0-alpha0
* cocos2d-html5 v2.1
* cocos2d-iphone v2.1-beta4
* cocos2d-x v2.1beta3-x-2.1.0

Our goal is to provide a complete toolchain for developing multi-platform games both for Web and Mobile, all the way from rapid prototyping to a finished high performing game.

The main components of our stack are:

* A visual editor CocosBuilder
* A graphics engine cocos2d
* A physics engine Chipmunk

For the Web, we are using pure JavaScript code, while for Mobile we are using JavaScript on top of native engines for maximum performance.


Version 3.0 will be the next main release of CocosBuilder, today an alpha version is released.



  • Support for cocos2d JavaScript API
  • Publishing to HTML5
  • CocosPlayer lets you test your JavaScript apps directly on your iOS device without recompilation
  • Many bug fixes

More information

Read more about all the new features at

cocos2d html5





cocos2d tests


Many thanks to all the developers, contributors and testers from the cocos2d (html5 / iphone and x) and CocosBuilder communities!


  • haxpor

    I read this and feel like you guys’re moving towards chipmunk.
    Is box2d still available and considered in the long term integration?

    2012-12-05 05:23
  • Wuhao

    yes, Box 2d is definitely in our plan.

    we just need to choose a physics library and get it integrated with Javascript binding

    there are no official js version of box2d yet, and chipmunk js performance shadows all current javascript port of box2d

    2012-12-05 06:08
  • xuanquyen46dp

    Thank you []() Great work!

    When does going to the release version for Windows Phone 8 ?


    2012-12-05 08:14
  • jandujar

    Many Thank’s[]()

    Can’t wait to begin working on these versions.

    2012-12-05 11:32
  • darkcastle90

    Good Job! I’m looking forward on working with this release

    One question. The release notes hyperlinks in this post appear to be directing to the wiki pages.

    I’d like to be able see a list of changes from the previous versions so I can determine the impact of converting projects. Is such a list available?


    2012-12-06 14:17
  • canguangwang_gmail_c

    One question:
    in CH5, in addChild(obj, zorder, tag) function, “tag” could be an integer or a string , while in cocos2dx , tag must be an integer ,
    I didnot see JSBinding handling this part.

    By the way, JSBinding is a great work.

    2012-12-08 03:27
  • mteipe

    So let’s assume I have my app written in Cocos2d-x HTML5 and I want to use this HTML5 on Android as a native app. What recipe,wrapper,or binding do i need to use above? Do i need Cocosbuilder and I can simply put my HTML5 within a project template there? I’ve been looking around in Cocosbuilder for a while now and haven’t found my answer.

    Back story to this is that I’ve been building in Eclipse IDE using Cordova (formerly Phonegap) and an Android tablet with very limited success. There are serious memory leaks slowing down the application when transitioning between scenes and using the various cache purge functions in Cocos2d-x HTML5 aren’t improving my results. :(

    Hoping I don’t have to throw away 3 months of javascript and learn C. Please help. Thank You.

    2012-12-09 07:58
  • Wuhao

    @Mark Teipe

    you just need to download Cocos2d-x or iphone, you will find sample JS games runs on native game engine, and the sample JS game code is exactly the same to Cocos2d-html5.

    but if you written your game in Cocos2d-html5, there could be some incompatibilities, such as you cannot use any browser specific functions.

    Stuff like document.write and basically everything in document, and all function in window scope are not supported.

    if you stick your code to purely Cocos2d-html5, it should run on native engines right away

    2012-12-13 03:28
  • mteipe

    Thank You Hao I will try this.

    2012-12-13 04:17
  • dengbo

    good job.

    2012-12-13 14:55
  • mostofa62

    can cocos builder make game or publish for android too

    2013-05-27 11:42

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