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About cocos2d-x

Started in 2010, cocos2d-x is an open source, cross-platform game engine. It is loaded with powerful features that allow developers to create spectacular games
with ease.

Why choose cocos2d-x

Why would you want to choose Cocos2d-x over other available game engines?

  • Modern C++ API (please refer to the modernizing done in version 3.0)
  • Cross platform - desktop and mobile
  • Capability to test and debug your game on the desktop and then push it to a mobile or desktop target
  • A vast API of functionality including sprites, actions, animations, particles, transitions, timers, events (touch, keyboard, accelerometer, mouse), sound, file IO, persistence, skeletal animations, 3D

Conventions used in this book

  • auto is used for creating local variables.
  • using namespace cocos2d; is used to shorten types.
  • each chapter has a compilable source code sample to demonstrate concepts.
  • class names, methods names and other API components are renderer using fixed fonts. eg: Sprite
  • italics are used to notate concepts and keywords

Where to get help

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