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Android with Eclipse Installation and Setup

version: Cocos2d-x v3.x
update: Updated almost 3 years ago


Open the project with Eclipse.

  • Launch Eclipse

  • Right click your mouse at the empty area of the Package Explorer and choose

  • Choose Existing Android Code Into Workspace from the pop up dialog and Click

  • Click the Browse... button to choose the directory of Cpp-Tests' and Click Ok.

  • Click Finish.

Import Libcocos2dx Project

  • Same steps as above only using the path of the libcocos2dx project is [your own game project folder]/cocos/2d/platform/android/java.

Build and Run the Android Project

  • Connect your Android phone with USB remote debugging option enabled.

  • Make sure your computer can recognize your phone (you might need to install
    drivers for your specific phone)

  • Right click on the project and choose Run as... -> Android Application.

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