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Cocos2d-JS-v3.0 Final @ Sep.10, 2014

  • Facebook SDK Beta2: Added appRequest API.
  • Facebook SDK Beta2: Added permission request in login API, removed requestPermission API.
  • Facebook SDK Beta2: Renamed request API to api.
  • Facebook SDK Beta2: Renamed publishInstall API to activateApp.
  • Added getter and setter function for browser's density dpi: cc.view.setTargetDensityDPI, cc.view.getTargetDensityDPI.
  • Added some type check functions.
  • Added audio support for wechat browser.
  • Added setPlaceHolderColor and setTextColor to ccui.TextField.
  • Added API reference for Cocos Studio extension.
  • [JSB] Polished AssetsManager for better iOS simulator support.
  • [JSB] Move EventAssetsManager and EventListenerAssetsManager to jsb namespace.
  • [JSB] Supported formatted string in cc.log/cc.warn/cc.error/cc.assert.
  • [JSB] Added retain/release function for cc.Touch

  • Bugs fix:

    1. Fixed an issue of cc.Menu that its item's touch priority is different than cc.eventManager.
    2. Fixed an issue of cc.view that its NO_BORDER mode doesn't work correctly.
    3. Fixed an issue of cc.LabelBMFont that its content size is different than JSB.
    4. Fixed an issue of cc.LabelBMFont that its setColor is invalid on some mobile devices.
    5. Fixed an issue of cc.PageView that it can't receive TOUCH_CANCEL event.
    6. Fixed an issue of cc.loader that it can't load cross origin textures.
    7. Fixed an issue that Facebook SDK Web's appRequest wraps info parameter incorrectly.
    8. Fixed an issue of ccui widgets' addEventListener that it doesn't accept function's target as parameter.
    9. [JSB] Fixed a crash issue of Facebook SDK when session is closed.
    10. [JSB] Fixed constant inconsistence in ccui.TextField.
    11. [JSB] Fixed return value inconsistence of cc.Node#getNodeToWorldTransform function.
    12. [JSB] Fixed an issue that cc.MenuItemImage's setColor doesn't work.
    13. [JSB] Fixed API inconsistence that cc.Layer's bake/unbake/isBaked functions are absent in JSB.
    14. [JSB] Refactored ccui's addEventListenerXXX to addEventListener to fit Web engine API.
    15. [JSB] Fix an issue that delete doesn't work for ccui.TextField's on desktop.
    16. [JSB] Fixed stroke color issue of LabelTTF on iOS.
    17. [JSB] Fixed an issue of jsb.fileUtils.renameFile on windows.
    18. [JSB] Fixed an issue of bindings generator script on windows.
    19. [JSB] Fixed cc.REPEAT_FOREVER value error.

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