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Cocos2d-JS-v3.0 RC0 @ July.4, 2014

  • Added Facebook SDK plugin into Pluginx extension.
  • Refactoration of gui system ccui for better performance, usage and maintainbility.
  • Added bake function to cc.Layer to support layer baking.
  • Added object pool extension: cc.pool.
  • Added new easing functions: bezier action, quadratic actions, quartic actions, quintic actions, circle actions, cubic actions.
  • Made cc.loader continue the counter process even if a resource failed to be loaded.
  • Supported multiple property objects in cc.Class.extend function.
  • Refactored ccui.Widget's getLeftInParent, getBottomInParent, getRightInParent, getTopInParent to getLeftBoundary, getBottomBoundary, getRightBoundary, getTopBoundary.
  • Refactored cc.FadeIn.create(duration, toOpacity) to cc.FadeIn.create(duration).
  • Refactroed all string access functions in ccui extension to setString and getString.
  • Added getContentSize and setContentSize in ccui extension.
  • Changed the default alpha value of cc.Color from undefined to 255.
  • Made cc.log support formatted string.
  • [JSB] Improved cc.AssetsManager with multi-thread downloading, download resuming support, compressed file support, better progression informations, possibility to retry failed assets.
  • [JSB] Supported linux compilation with CMake.
  • [JSB] Moved JSB only APIs: cc.fileUtils, cc.Reflection, cc.AssetsManager to jsb namespace for avoiding mistaken usage.
  • [JSB] Made cocos console support jsc compilation in release mode.
  • [JSB] Made android apps possible to be installed into sd card.
  • [JSB] Made ccui extension's widget classes extendable.
  • [JSB] Bound a complete version of jsb.fileUtils including search path control functions.
  • [JSB] Correctly recoginze Mac OS X as a desktop platform and activate keyboard and mouse capabilities.
  • [JSB] Supported mouse event in JSB.
  • [JSB] Made cc.MenuItemImage support sprite frame name as construction parameter.
  • [JSB] Made cc.NodeRGBA extendable in JSB.
  • [JSB] Bound ccs.AnimationData and ccs.MovementData.
  • [JSB] Added getUserData and setUserData for cc.Node.

  • Bugs fix:

    1. Fix bugs on creating sequence objcet or spawn object using new method.
    2. Fix a bug that ccui.LoadingBar's setPercent function will crash when its texture is in a plist file and scale9Enabled is true.
    3. Fixed a bug of cc.audioEngine that it crashs when audio isn't correctly loaded and its duration is infinity.
    4. Correction of the calculation of cc.visibleRect.
    5. Fix cc.Skin's bounding box calculation for canvas rendering.
    6. Fix an issue that cc.TextureCache doesn't handle loaded texture in some case.
    7. Fix an issue that texture rect could be zero sized in initWithFile function of cc.Sprite.
    8. Fix a bug on inverted ClippingNode with DrawNode as stencil in Canvas render mode.
    9. Fix a bug that cc.SpriteFrame didn't support initialization with texture name parameter.
    10. Fix a bug on ccs.ArmatureAnimation's loop parameter.
    11. Fix a bug that cc.JumpTo's _delta position calculation is incorrect.
    12. Fix a bug of cc._audioLoader that it doesn't work when it failed to load an audio file.
    13. [JSB] Fix a bug that mouse button always equals left button during mouse move event.
    14. [JSB] Fix a bug that showFPS configuration is ignored.
    15. [JSB] Fix a bug that key correspondances are incorrect for keyboard event on Android.
    16. [JSB] Fix a bug that ccui.Widget's onEnter function can't be overrided in JSB.
    17. [JSB] Fix a bug that some init function may be invoked twice during initialization.
    18. [JSB] Fix a bug that cc.Layer's init function is not invoked during initialization.
    19. [JSB] Bound SpriteFrame's constructor to support new construction in JSB.
    20. [JSB] Fix cc.REPEAT_FOREVER constant value conflit between html5 engine and JSB.
    21. [JSB] Fix some property inheritance issues in JSB.
    22. [JSB] Fix a bug that ccui.Button's getTitleColor function doesn't return the correct value.
    23. [JSB] Fix ChipmunkTest/buoyancy test case crash issue with unreleased collision handler.
    24. [JSB] Fix a bug that cc.audioEngine.end() release the singleton audio engine object.
    25. [JSB] Support all method for XMLHttpRequest including GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
  • Known issues:

    1. [JSB] cc.ActionInterval's setSpeed function is not supported yet.
    2. [JSB] cc.ActionInterval's easing function doesn't support EaseBezierAction yet.
    3. [JSB] cc.AssetsManager may fail to create and download files on windows and iOS simulator (please test on real devices).
    4. [JSB]CocoStudio's scene reloading may cause memory release issues and crash.
    5. [JSB]ccui.TextField's is not responding to keyboard backspace button.

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