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Cocos2d-JS-v3.1 @ Oct.22, 2014

  • Released Facebook Integration for Cocos2d-JS v1.0, all APIs have been significantly polished and stabilized. Improved test cases for Facebook with more features demonstrated.
  • Upgraded Cocos2d-x to v3.3 rc0
  • Supported Cocos Studio v2.0 including Timeline animation support and proto buffers format support for both web engine and JSB engine.
  • Refactored load event of texture, sprite frame and sprite for better maintainability.
  • Refactored cc.rendererCanvas for improving performance.
  • Moved the CC_Texture0 definition of fragment shader to cc.GLProgram to ensure compatibility with JSB.
  • Added normalized position functions to cc.Node.
  • Refactored the constructor of Cocos Studio's classes and deprecated all create functions.
  • Refactored Cocos Studio reader for better maintainability.
  • Improved Facebook SDK.
  • Modified cc.ProgressTo's behavior, its progression didn't reset to zero when the progression is 100.
  • Changed ccui.Widget's default anchor point to (0, 0) in widget reader.
  • Removed all deprecated create function usage in engine and in the test cases.
  • [JSB] Refactor cc.GLNode for new renderer and re-enable OpenGL test case.

  • Bug fixes:

    1. Fixed an issue of cc.UILayout that its scissor mode didn't work.
    2. Fixed an issue of ccui.TextBMFont that its 'string' property setting was incorrect.
    3. Fixed an issue of cc.DrawNode that its element's position was incorrect in Canvas mode.
    4. Fixed an issue of cc.Layer that its bake function didn't work in new renderer.
    5. Fixed an issue of cc.Scale9Sprite that its cached canvas size was incorrect.
    6. Fixed an issue of cc.Director that its position was incorrect when calling setProjection in new renderer.
    7. Fixed an issue of cc.view that the reinitialization logic of frame size was incorrect.
    8. Fixed incorrect usage of cc.progressTo in progress action test.
    9. Fixed an issue of CocosNodeTest for the new renderer.
    10. Fixed minor issues in test cases.
    11. [JSB] Fixed an issue of cc.EditBox's constructor.
    12. [JSB] Refactored an issue that ccui.CheckBox's deprecated function setSelectedState is used instead of setSelected.
    13. [JSB] Fixed an issue of cc.ScrollView's constructor.
    14. [JSB] Fixed an issue in Moon Warriors sample that a label's height was too small so it was cutting off its content.
    15. [JSB] Fixed user object conflict in ccui.Widget's addTouchEventListener function binding.
    16. [JSB] Fixed an issue that null parameter was not correctly processed in ccs.ArmatureAnimations's setFrameEventCallFunc and setMovementEventCallFunc functions.
    17. [JSB] Fixed an issue that cc.Scale9Sprite's updateWithBatchNode had been deprecated in JSB.
    18. [JSB] Fixed an issue that cc.SpriteBatchNode could not be extended in JSB.
    19. [JSB] Fixed an issue that Cocos Studio extension classes could not be extended in JSB.
    20. [JSB] Fixed API inconsistency issues by renaming cc.Node's getRotationSkewX/Y and setRotationSkewX/Y to getRotationX/Y and setRotationX/Y.
  • Known Issues:

    1. jsb.AssetsManager doesn't work on windows due to a bug in libcurl

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