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Cocos2d-JS v3.1 beta @ Oct.13, 2014

  • Refactoration of the web engine with new renderer on the architecture level, optimization is under going.
  • Released Facebook SDK for Cocos2d-JS beta2, its API have been significantly improved and stablized.
  • Upgraded MoonWarriors sample with new set of graphical assets.
  • Automatically enabled WebGL on iOS 8 safari.
  • Upgraded chipmunk.js to the newest version.
  • Supported setting color of shadow for cc.LabelTTF.
  • Added getTitleRenderer function to ccui.Button.
  • Supported Coco Studio timeline animation.
  • Set the default value of LabelAtlas's cascadeOpacityEnabled and cascadeColorEnabled to true.
  • Added a listener of texture to cc.Sprite#setTexture when the texture hasn't loaded.
  • Activated cc.pool for all kind of objects.
  • Added query test for chipmunk and added necessary JavaScript bindings.
  • [JSB] Added properties for cp.Shape, added missed methods for cp.Vect and cp.v.
  • [JSB] Added missed constant for ccui.ListView.
  • [JSB] Ignored alpha value in cc.Node#setColor.
  • [JSB] Used Object.create for creating prototype during inheritance to avoid potential memory leak.
  • [JSB] Made regular expression for URL check more reliable using third party code.

  • Bugs fix:

    1. Fixed a bug of cc.ComponentContainer that a 'if' statement behavior is incorrect.
    2. Fixed a bug of cc.Scale9Sprite that the behavior of Canvas and WebGL is different.
    3. Fixed a bug of cc.EventListener that its pause state should set to true.
    4. Fixed a bug of cc.ParticleSystem that it should apply canvas scaling on canvas rendering mode.
    5. Fixed a bug of CCBoot.js that cc.loader should add a condition to check whether crossOrign property is undefined on IE9 and IE10.
    6. Fixed a bug of ccui.Widget that its setPosition function's behavior is incorrect.
    7. Fixed a bug of ccui.LoadingBar that its barRenderer should add to protected children array.
    8. Fixed a bug of cc.Texture2D that its TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER should set to LINEAR.
    9. Fixed a bug of cc.TMXMapInfo that its doesn't parse rotation property.
    10. Fixed a bug of cc.TMXLayer that it should apply canvas scaling on Canvas rendering mode.
    11. [JSB] Fixed an issue of incorrect return value in cc.textureCache.addImage.
    12. [JSB] Fixed an issue of cc.loader.getRes for supporting cached resources.
    13. [JSB] Fixed an issue of cc.loader.loadImg for supporting local image loading.
    14. [JSB] Fixed cocos run -p ios command issue with Xcode 6.
    15. [JSB] Fixed cc.EditBox behavior issue on iOS8.
    16. [JSB] Fixed an issue of cc.Scale9Sprite that it may mask its child node content.
    17. [JSB] Fixed an issue that arrivalOrder get reset after being visited and cause children order chaos.
    18. [JSB] Fixed an issue of _ctor function check in construction.
    19. [JSB] Fixed a bug of cpGroup type definition inconsistence between iOS 8 and other platforms.
    20. [JSB] Fixed API inconsistence between web and JSB engine for cc.Touch#getID.
    21. [JSB] Fixed memory leak issue of cc.pool in JSB.
    22. [JSB] Fixed a bug that cc.ScrollView's construction haven't been implemented in JSB.
    23. [JSB] Fixed arguments processing error in chipmunk bindings by adding safe guard.
    24. [JSB] Fixed a bug in particle system test case.
    25. [JSB] Fixed a potential crash issue for cc.CallFunc.
  • Known Issues:

    1. AssetsManager doesn't work on windows due to a bug in libcurl
    2. Timeline animation haven't been bound to JSB

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