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Chapter 4 - How to Fire some Bullets

Now, we want to let the hero fire some bullets to kill the enemies, add the codes below to set the layer touch-enabled.

// cpp with cocos2d-x
this->setTouchEnabled(true); or this->setIsTouchEnabled(true);

Then we could receive the touch event now.
Declare the callback function “void ccTouchesEnded(cocos2d::CCSet* touches, cocos2d::CCEvent* event);” in HelloWorldScene.h, and implement the function in HelloWorldScene.cpp.

// cpp with cocos2d-x
void HelloWorld::ccTouchesEnded(CCSet* touches, CCEvent* event)
    // Choose one of the touches to work with
    CCTouch* touch = (CCTouch*)( touches->anyObject() );
    CCPoint location = touch->locationInView();
    location = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->convertToGL(location);

    // Set up initial location of projectile
    CCSize winSize = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getWinSize();
    CCSprite *projectile = CCSprite::create("Projectile.png", 
        CCRectMake(0, 0, 20, 20));
    projectile->setPosition( ccp(20, winSize.height/2) );

    // Determinie offset of location to projectile
    int offX = location.x - projectile->getPosition().x;
    int offY = location.y - projectile->getPosition().y;

    // Bail out if we are shooting down or backwards
    if (offX <= 0) return;

    // Ok to add now - we've double checked position

    // Determine where we wish to shoot the projectile to
    int realX = winSize.width
                         + (projectile->getContentSize().width/2);
    float ratio = (float)offY / (float)offX;
    int realY = (realX * ratio) + projectile->getPosition().y;
    CCPoint realDest = ccp(realX, realY);

    // Determine the length of how far we're shooting
    int offRealX = realX - projectile->getPosition().x;
    int offRealY = realY - projectile->getPosition().y;
    float length = sqrtf((offRealX * offRealX) 
                                        + (offRealY*offRealY));
    float velocity = 480/1; // 480pixels/1sec
    float realMoveDuration = length/velocity;

    // Move projectile to actual endpoint
    projectile->runAction( CCSequence::create(
        CCMoveTo::create(realMoveDuration, realDest),

        NULL) );

Ok, build and run, touch the screen(on the emulator? click the screen[](), and enjoy the effect.
PS: To keep identical with the Object-C codes, there would be some warnings of conversion from 'float' to 'int', don't care about them.

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