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CocoStudio Glossary


CocoStudio is a toolkit for cocos2d-x multi-platform games. It consisting of an UI Editor, an Animation Editor, a Scene Editor and a Data Editor.

Plist File

The Plist file always saves the settings of users, and also saves the binding information. This function was previously served by the Macintosh© operating system’s resources branch.
For CocoStudio, some settings configure files to use the plist file to save.


Frame is the Frame Animation, which uses a series of images to play an animation. Frame animation is an efficient skill to create special effects, and is a widespread skill in gaming.


DragonBones is an open source tool and framework for 2D-skeleton-animation. It contains a skeleton animation edit panel and an ActionScript framework for skeleton animation, which is based on Flash Pro©. In order to improve the efficiency and the utilization of current resources, CocoStudio’s Animation Editor supports the importing from existing DragonBones projects.


Particles is a kind of interface element which have the attributes of appearance, position, speed, accelerated speed and life cycle, which produce, run and die following some rules.

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