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CocoStudio Special File

Plist File

Plist File that is Property List, this file is storing object file that serialized. Property List file’s extension is .plist, so it usually called plist file. That is the file comes from Mac OS, and Cocos2d-x comes from Cocos2d-iphone, so this file format introduced to Cocos2d-x in the same time.
In cocostudio editor, it supports kind of plist files now. One is image set that exported by TexturePacker, and the other is Particle file. All the plist file havs two file .plist and .png, and they have the same name. .plist file store the information of the image and .png file store integrated image. plist praticle file may have one or two file, it must has a .png file. When image is too small then it will be transfromed as string in .plist by base64.

PSD File

PSD file is the source file of Photoshop© editor, it can be edited by Photoshop, and it’s the image file of Photoshop. PSD file can be stored as RGB mode or CMYK mode. Also color can be customized and be saved, or layer, channel and path in Photoshop can be saved. It’s the only format now support all kind of image color mode.

# UI editor, Action editor and Scene editor support plist and PSD image. Plist particle can be used by Scene editor and Action editor.
# When import plist file, corresponding .png file must be import to resource area in the same time.If you put the file in the Resource file in project directly, you can update resource area to update data.
# Import Plist or PSD images to resource panel will be displayed in a form of folder( icon are “PL” and “PS” ), all sub images are listed in the folder. Edit or delete a sub image is not support by CocoStudio.
# All layers of a PSD image must be rasterized before import into CocoStudio.
# Plist image will be directed export to small images or large images without be edited.
# All layers will be deal as small image when export the project. Export to large image need to integrate all layers into plist.
# CocoStudio can emport plist and PAD image as pieces. (Steps: Select plist image in resource area, click content menu to choose“Export as pieces”option)

CCB File

CCB file is the source file of CocosBuilder editor, CocosBuilder is a Visualbe development tool in Mac OS. Cocostudio supports CocosBuilder, you can import CocosBuilder file. You can alse import ccb file by selectUI Editor >Menu Bar>File~~>Import CCB fileoptions.
Some widgets of UI editor in CocosBuild will invalid, conversion statistics will be shown after the conversion is completed.
h2. FLA File
FLA file is the source file of Flash editor, it can be edited by Flash. To make exsit Cocostudio supporting FLA, you can import .flash file in Action editor~~>Menu Bar~~>File~~>Open Flash Project.

# Import needed animation elements into the editor to the main scene.
# Does not support import vector graphics, right click vector graphics can be converted to bitmap.
# Now the nested component that does not support as skeletal parts.

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