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cocos deploy


Deploy a project to the target.


cocos deploy [-h] [-s SRC_DIR] [-q] [-p PLATFORM] [-m MODE]

Depend on Commands

Available Arguments

arg available value sample description necessary
-h, --help - - Show the help message and exit no
-s, --src project path ./projects/MyLuaGame Specify the project path. Default value is current directory. no
-p, --platform the target platform android Specify the target platform. yes
-m, --mode the compiling mode release Set the compile mode, should be debug or release. Default is debug. no


  • Now this command only take effect when target platform is android. It will re-install the specified project to the android device or simulator.


  • cocos deploy -h. Show the help message.
  • cocos deploy -s ./projects/MyLuaGame -p andoird -m release
    Deploy MyLuaGame to an android device or simulator.

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