> Cocos gen-libs

Cocos gen-libs


Generate prebuilt libs of engine. The libs will be placed in prebuilt folder of the engine root path.


usage: cocos gen-libs [-h] [-c] [-e ENGINE_PATH] [-p {ios,mac,android,win32}]
                      [-m {debug,release}] [--dis-strip] [--vs VS_VERSION]
                      [--app-abi APP_ABI]

Available Arguments

Common Arguments:

arg available value sample description necessary
-h, --help - - Show the help message and exit no
-c - - Remove the 'prebuilt' folder at first. no
-e Path of engine. ~/Work/cocos2d-x Specify the engine path. Default is the engine root path of current tools. no
-p ios, mac, android, win32 mac Specify the target platform. Can specify multi platform by using '-p' multi times. Default generate all available platforms. no
-m debug, release debug Generate cocos libs for debug or release. Default is release. no
--dis-strip - - Disable the strip of the generated libs. no

Android Arguments:

arg available value sample description necessary
--app-abi x86, armeabi, armeabi-v7a armeabi:x86 Set the APP_ABI of ndk-build. Can be multi value separated with ':'. Sample : --app-aib armeabi:x86:mips. Default value is 'armeabi'. no

Windows Arguments:

arg available value sample description necessary
--vs int value 2013 Specify the Visual Studio version will be used. Such as: 2013. Default find available version automatically. no


  • The available target platform is different for Mac, Windows, Linux:

    • Mac : ios, mac, android
    • Windows : android, win32
    • Linux : android
  • If you want to generate prebuilt libs for multi targat platforms, you can use -p multi times. For example: -p ios -p mac will generate prebuilt libs for both ios & mac.


  • cocos gen-libs -h. Show the help message.
  • cocos gen-libs -c
    Remove the prebuilt folder. Then generate prebuilt libs for all available target platforms.
  • cocos gen-libs -e ~/Work/cocos2d-x -p ios -p android
    Specify the engine path ~/Work/cocos2d-x. Then generate prebuilt libs for ios & android
  • cocos gen-libs -p win32 --vs 2015 -m debug
    Generate prebuilt libs for win32 with VS2015 & debug mode.

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