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cocos jscompile


Compile the .js files to .jsc.


cocos jscompile -s src_dir -d dst_dir [-c] [-o COMPRESSED_FILENAME] [-j COMPILER_CONFIG] [-m closure_extra_parameters] -v

Available Arguments

arg available value sample description necessary
-h, --help - - Show the help message and exit no
-s, --src source directory ./projects/MyJSGame/src Specify source directory of js files needed to be compiled. yes
-d, --dst destination directory ./projects/MyJSGame/src Specify destination directory bytecode files to be stored. yes
-c, --use_closure_compiler - - Whether to use closure compiler to compress all js files into just a big file. no
-o, --output_compressed_filename any string MyJS.js Specify the output file name of the big file. Only available when '-c' option is used no
-j, --compiler_config - - The configuration for closure compiler by using JSON, please refer to compiler_config_sample.json no
-m, --closure_params - - Extra parameters to pass to Google Closure Compiler. Values supplied here override the ones defined in the compiler config. no


  • cocos jscompile -h. Show the help message.
  • cocos jscompile -s ./projects/MyJSGame/src -d ./projects/MyJSGame/src
    Compile the *.js in directory ./projects/MyJSGame/src to *.jsc

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