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Contributing to cocos2d-x

For general questions

You can ask general questions by using:

Reporting bugs

To report bugs, please use the Issue Tracker

Steps to report a bug:

  • Open the url
  • Add all the needed information to reproduce the bug

Submitting patches

If you want to contribute code, please follow these steps:

(If you are new to git and/or GitHub, you should read Pro Git , especially the section on Contributing to a project:Small/Large Public Project )

  • Download the latest cocos2d-x develop branch from github:
$ git clone git://
$ cd cocos2d-x
$ git checkout v3
$ ./
$ git submodule update --init
  • Apply your changes in the recently downloaded repository
  • Commit your changes in your own repository
  • Create a new branch with your patch: $ git checkout -b my_fix_branch
  • Push your new branch to your public repository
  • Send a “pull request” to user “cocos2d”
  • It must be complete. See the definition below
  • It must follow the Releases rules. See the definition below

Only complete patches will be merged

The patch must be complete. And by that, we mean:

  • For C++ code follow the Cocos2d C++ Coding Style
  • For Python code follow the PEP8 guidelines
  • Describe what the patch does
  • Include test cases if applicable
  • Include unit tests if applicable
  • Must be tested in all supported platforms [*]
  • Must NOT degrade the performance
  • Must NOT break existing tests cases
  • Must NOT break the Continuous Integration build
  • Must NOT break backward compatibility
  • Must compile WITHOUT warnings
  • New APIs MUST be easy to use, familiar to cocos2d-x users
  • Code MUST be easy to extend and maintain
  • Must have documentation: C++ APIs must use Doxygen strings, tools must have a file that describe how to use the tool
  • Must be efficient (fast / low memory needs)
  • It must not duplicate existing code, unless the new code deprecates the old one
  • Patches that refactor key components will only be merged in the next major versions.

[*]: If you don't have access to test your code in all the supported platforms, let us know.

TBD: Is this applicable for big features ? What is the best way to merge big features ?

Promoting cocos2d-x

Help us promote cocos2d-x by using the cocos2d logo in your game, or by mentioning cocos2d in the credits.

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