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Creating A New Example Project

version: Cocos2d-x v3.x
update: Updated almost 3 years ago


Create A New Project

OS X and Linux users.

    $ cd cocos2d-x
    $ ./
    $ source ~/.bash_profile
    $ cocos new MyGame -p com.MyCompany.MyGame -l cpp -d ~/MyCompany

  • MyGame: name of your project
  • -p com.MyCompany.MyGame: package name for android
  • -l cpp: programming language used for the project, valid value is cppand lua
  • -d ~/MyCompany: directory to hold your project

    $ cocos run -s ~/MyCompany/MyGame -p ios
  • -s: directory of the new project. This could be an absolute path or a relative path.

  • -p: which platform to run on. Options are ios,android,win32,mac and linux.

(Note: You are a tmux user, you should add reattach-to-user-namespace before the
command cocos. For more information, please refer to for
more information.)

You can run cocos run --help for more detail information.

Win32 Users

using cmd as your shell: cd cocos2d-x-3.1.1\tools\cocos2d-console\bin or to
wherever you have this on your filesystem new YourGameTitle -p com.yourcompany.gametitle -l cpp -d C:\YourGameTitle

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