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ARM DS-5 Promote Android Game Development

1. What is DS-5?

ARM DS-5 Development Studio is built on the standard Eclipse development environment providing outstanding windows management, project management, and C/C++ source code editing tools. DS-5 brings a huge number of features specific to ARM to the Eclipse platform, making it the most powerful toolchain available for ARM software development.

DS-5 series include Ultimate Edition, Professional and Community Edition. Cocos Code IDEARM Limited authorized Cocos Code IDE to release DS-5 Community Edition for developers to use.


Cocos Code IDE support DS-5 Community Edition since 1.1.0 version. However, due to the big installation package size, DS-5 provided by another installation package which was not integrated into the installation package.After downloading, install it in to Cocos Code IDE according to the following steps.

DS-5 Community Edition Install Package:

3. Features

Although DS-5 Community Edition is not so powerful like Professional and Ultimate, it's a great help to Android developers.

Android Platform C++ Code Debugging Support

Android devices which debugging whose processors are based on ARM9, ARM11 or Cortex-A (ARMv7-A) architecture,be aware that some products based on version 2.2 (Froyo) haven't got this feature enabled.

Android Streamline

Supports simple GPU / CPU functional analysis, note that only certain devices support this feature. For more information, please refer to《DS-5 CE Android Streamline》

4. installation

  1. Click the "Install New Software..." in "Help" menu.
  2. Click the "Add..." button, then click the "Archive..." button, you will be navigated to DS-5 install package.
  3. Next and next... After a required reboot, the installation was successful.Initial installation requires installation authorization file, then please select the community version.
  4. Double click DS-5 Debug view in the menu: "Windows"->"Open Perspective"->"Other...".

When installation successful, let's begin to Debug C++ Code with DS-5.

ds-5-streamline-feature.jpg (62.5 kB) yangws, 2014-12-12 11:40

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