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.logEvent(eventName, valueToSum, parameters)

Publishes an App Event. More details at App Events.


plugin.FacebookAgent.prototype.logEvent = function(eventName, valueToSum, parameters){}
Name Type Required Description
eventName Enum in plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent Yes The name of the event to log
valueToSum float No An number representing some value to be summed when reported
parameters Dictionary No Any parameters needed to describe the event

Predefined eventName in plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent:

Name When to log
ACHIEVED_LEVEL The user has achieved a level in the app.
ACTIVATED_APP An app is being activated.
ADDED_PAYMENT_INFO The user has entered their payment info.
ADDED_TO_CART The user has added an item to their cart. The valueToSum passed to logEvent should be the item's price.
ADDED_TO_WISHLIST The user has added an item to their wishlist. The valueToSum passed to logEvent should be the item's price.
COMPLETED_REGISTRATION A user has completed registration with the app.
COMPLETED_TUTORIAL The user has completed a tutorial in the app.
INITIATED_CHECKOUT The user has entered the checkout process. The valueToSum passed to logEvent should be the total price in the cart.
PURCHASED The user has completed a purchase.
RATED The user has rated an item in the app. The valueToSum passed to logEvent should be the numeric rating.
SEARCHED A user has performed a search within the app.
SPENT_CREDITS The user has spent app credits. The valueToSum passed to logEvent should be the number of credits spent.
UNLOCKED_ACHIEVEMENT The user has unlocked an achievement in the app.
VIEWED_CONTENT A user has viewed a form of content in the app.

Predefined parameter keys in plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEventParam:

Name User to specify...
CONTENT_ID An ID for the specific piece of content being logged about. Could be an EAN, article identifier, etc., depending on the nature of the app.
CONTENT_TYPE A generic content type/family for the logged event, e.g. "music", "photo", "video". Options to use will vary based upon what the app is all about.
CURRENCY ISO-4217 3-letter code for currency used (e.g. "USD", "EUR", "GBP").
DESCRIPTION A description appropriate to the event being logged. E.g., the name of the achievement unlocked in the plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.UNLOCKED_ACHIEVEMENT event.
LEVEL The level achieved in a plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.ACHIEVED_LEVEL event.
MAX_RATING_VALUE The maximum rating available for the plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.RATED event. E.g., "5" or "10".
NUM_ITEMS How many items are being processed for an plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.INITIATED_CHECKOUT or plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.PURCHASED event.
PAYMENT_INFO_AVAILABLE Whether payment info is available for the plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.INITIATED_CHECKOUT event.
REGISTRATION_METHOD Method user has used to register for the app, e.g., "Facebook", "email", "Twitter", etc
SEARCH_STRING The string provided by the user for a search operation.
SUCCESS Whether the activity being logged about was successful or not.


var facebook = plugin.FacebookAgent.getInstance();
var floatVal = 888.888;
var parameters = {};
parameters[plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEventParam.SUCCESS] = 1;
facebook.logEvent(plugin.FacebookAgent.AppEvent.COMPLETED_TUTORIAL, floatVal, parameters);

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