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Getting Started with Cocos2d-JS


Cocos2d-JS is the latest spin off from Cocos2d-X team. It is written in Javascript for HTML5 compliant browsers and Cocos2d-x JavaScript Bindings (JSB). The API is derived from Cocos2d-X, therefor if you have any experience in Cocos2d game engines, you already know how to use Cocos2d-html5. If you never used Cocos2d game engine before, don’t worry, this article will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Cocos2d-JS includes Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d-x JSB. Because Cocos2d-html5 is based on web, you can write your app on any platform as long as you have access to a text editor, and because its web based, your app can be run on any device that have access to a web browser (HTML5 compliant one)! How convenient, and that is why, “The future is in your browser”.

Cocos2d-JS provides a consistent development experience for whichever platform you want to distribute to, both web and native. "Code once, run everywhere" is incredibly easy and natural in Cocos2d-JS. With one single javascript code base, you can run your game on both web browsers and native platform including Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android. This will bring your game great opportunities in almost all canals of distribution.

Parkour Game Tutorials of Cocos2d-JS v3.x

Parkour Game Tutorials of Cocos2d-html5 v2.2.x

Cocos2d-JS Structure-2.png (233.8 kB) linshun, 2014-05-08 08:23

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