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How to create a new project for windows8 metro

This is a tutorial on how to setup Cocos2dx-win8 for Windows 8 and create a HelloWorld project

Setup enviroment

Suppose them were all default installed.

Get engine code


Suppose we put it on the “d:2dx-win8”

Create HelloWorld project

Install VS project template

  • click “d:2dx-win8\Cocos2dx-win8-vs2011-Template.vsi” to install.

Create project

  1. Open vs2011, Click menu: File->New->Project..
  2. Choose Templates->Visual C++-> Windows Metro style, select the Cocos2d template to create project like followed snapshot:
    Here,we create at *“d:
  3. You may see followed snapshot, just click OK and Close vs2011.

  4. copy”d:2dx-win8\CreateProject.bat" to “d:\cocos2d"
  5. Edit CreateProject.bat,set appropriate variable
    set PROJECT\_NAME=helloworld-cocos2d set COCOS2D\_DIR=d:2dx-win8 set PROJECT\_DIR=d:\\cocos2d
  6. Run CreateProject.bat
  7. Open helloworld-cocos2d.sln and add”d:-cocos2d\helloworld-cocos2d\helloworld-cocos2d.vcxproj" into.
  8. Done!

add_project_into.png (42 kB) lihex, 2012-05-18 05:58

op_OK.png (7.6 kB) lihex, 2012-05-18 06:00

new.PNG (55.8 kB) lihex, 2012-05-18 06:01

final.png (12 kB) lihex, 2012-05-18 06:02

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