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How to upgrade your game from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2

1. all platforms

1.1 keep CocosDenshion APIs the same as cocos2d-iphone.org

* make the initial lower-case in SimpleAudioEngine methods, e.g.
**# SetEffectsVolume > setEffectsVolume
**# SetBackgroundMusicVolume ~~> setBackgroundMusicVolume
* the range of the volume param in SimpleAudioEngine is float 0.0~1.0, instead of int 0~100
* SimpleAudioEngine::preloadEffect will not return int. If you preload a sound file using “MyEffect.wav”, then play it with SimpleAudioEngine::playEffect. SimpleAudioEngine will find the mem data with the hash code of string “MyEffect.wav”
* CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::release to
CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::end, keep the same method name with cocos2d-iphone
h3. 1.2 rename the API to follow with cocos2d-iphone 0.99.5
* CCxxxxTransition
> CCTransitionXxxxx, e.g. CCFadeTrasition > CCTransitionFade
* CCLabel
> CCLabelTTF
** CCxxxLayer~~> CCLayerXxx, e.g. CCColorLayer > CCLayerColor
* for more details, please read cocos2d-iphone Release notes 0.99.5 - api changes
h2. 2. WoPhone
* You don’t need to care about the absolute path now.
*** CCFileUtils::setResourceZipFile -> CCFileUtils::setResource
*** SimpleAudioEngine::setResourceZipFile
> SimpleAudioEngine::setResource;
*** put these 2 lines after the declaration of “AppDelegate app”, for example:

Int32 TG3AppMain(const TUChar * pAppID, UInt32 nCmd, void * pCmdParam)
    AppDelegate app;


    return 1;

*** On WoPhone emulator, you must copy MyResource.zip into the Work7/NEWPLUS/TG3/APP folder. On WoPhone device, you must install the zip file into the same folder as MyGame.so
** The way which read image file by TResource is deleted.
** Delete the file Resource.h,and update the files which have included it.

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