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How to upgrade your game from 0.7.2 to 0.8.0

1. all platforms

1.1 add include path

  • if an error occurs, such as “fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘CCCommon.h’: No such file or directory” , then add include path “..2dx\platform” (According to the Difference of the platforms’ path)

1.2 rename the APIs/Classes to follow with new named rules

  • rename " CCX×××, CG×××,NS×××,“to”CC××ד

1.3 the change of AppDelegate class implementation

  1. move the OpenGLES initialization code from “AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishedLaunching” to “AppDelegate::initInstance”
  2. Remove member variable “CCEGLView” from the class AppDelegate
  3. Enable resolution auto-adjustment. Create CCEGLView with width:320 height:480 in AppDelegate::initInstance to enable it.

The methods below must be modified:
# backup your “AppDelegate.cpp” and “AppDelegate.h”
# copy “AppDelegate.cpp” and “AppDelegate.h” file from “cocos2d-x/HelloWorld”, replace your “AppDelegate.cpp” and “AppDelegate.h”
# merge your implement code back to appropriate point

Finish above, and then rebuild your project.

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