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MoonWarriors - Cocos2d-JS Showcase

This is a built-in showcase of cocos2d-JS, including many features just as:
* Parallax background
* Tilemap
* Actions
* Ease
* Frame animation
* Schedule
* Labels
* Keyboard Dispatcher
* Scene Transition.

Art and audio is copyrighted by Enigmata Genus Revenge, you may not use any copyrigted material without permission.

This showcase is licensed under MIT. You’re welcome to use this as a simple tutorial for your upcoming html5 game :)

(Controls: Use WASD to move your ship)

You can find this game in the Cocos2d-JS released package, and launch it to run on web or native platforms under the game root folder by cocos console.

cocos run -p web|iOS|android|mac

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