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Properties API in Cocos2d-JS v3.0

version: Cocos2d-JS v3.0
update: Updated almost 3 years ago

1. The new style

Let's directly take an example to show you what will be available in Cocos2d-JS v3.0:

node.setPosition(x, y); node.x = x; node.y = y;
node.setRotation(r); node.rotation = r;

So as you can see in the table, functions invocation are replaced with properties modification. In version 3.0, not only x, y and rotation, almost all properties of your node can be accessed like this. The properties list can be found in the end of this documentation.

Thanks to JavaScript getter and setter, we can define getter function and setter function to a property. That's how we defined our old functions for getter/setter of new properties. For example, node.x = x; actually invoked setPositionX function with the new x value, so don't be afraid of the simplified APIs, it's equivalent to the old function calls.

To define your own getter setter function for a property of an object, you can just use this line of code:

cc.defineGetterSetter(object, "propertyName", getterFunc, setterFunc);

Then each time you do var a = object.propertyName;, this retrieve the value of propertyName via getterFunc, and each time you want to modify the value: object.propertyName = newvalue; this pass the new value to setterFunc and try to modify its value.

As for the name of the properties, we proposed names close to CSS style which is very familiar to JavaScript developers.

2. attr function of cc.Node

Individually, the property API is just a replacement of functions which permit to have more compact code, it's not so exiting. But along with the properties access API, we also provided a even more useful function to cc.Node: attr function. Quite similar to jQuery's attr function, it helps you to config all the properties you want together with just one function call.

    x: 20,
    y: 20,
    anchorX: 0.5,
    anchorY: 0.5,
    width: 400,
    height: 300,
    scale: 2

It support not only all properties available in the list of the end, but also your custom properties.

3. Why and what changed

Why we want to do such a enormous change to our stable API? I think the obvious answer is already in the previous examples: The new API is far easier to code than the old API.

But what we really want to change, is not just the simplicity. Cocos2d-JS has been complained for a long time by web developers about how difficult it is to learn and use. After compared with other html5 game engines, we found our engine is not designed for JavaScript developers. And indeed, the API of Cocos2d-JS has always been the same with Cocos2d-x which serves C++ developers, and the original Cocos2d-iPhone also leaves its objective-C style API everywhere in the engine. Obviously, those APIs, which have been ported to Cocos2d-JS, are sometimes very strange for JavaScript developers.

So the main task of version 3.0 is to propose a fully refactored JavaScript style API to our user, and we are willing to take such a huge risk to change everything and 'reboot' Cocos2d-JS.

Back to properties, cc.Node and all its descendant classes are refactored with properties instead of getXXX() and setXXX(value) functions. There are also some property style API provided in a few other classes. All properties and related classes will be listed at the end of this document.

4. About closure compiler

As attr uses key-value pairs to config nodes, there could be problems when we try to use the advanced mode of closure compiler to compile our project.

The problem is that keys won't be compressed in advanced mode while our properties' names will be compressed, this produce a mismatch issue between the attr function and the real properties. Fortunately, we have guaranteed the functionality of most properties, which will be noted also in the list. For other properties or custom properties, you can add closure compiler expose annotation to avoid the problem. Note that this problem occurs only when developer try to use attr function to config properties.

/** @expose */

/** @expose */

    shaderProgram: program,
    customProperty: 0

5. Inherit property

Another problem is that how can you inherit a class, and override the getter/setter function of the property. Good news for you, we have implement a built in solution to make this happen automatically. Here is an example when you want to override the x getter/setter in your custom Sprite sub class.

var MySprite = cc.Sprite.extend({
    ctor: function() {
    getPositionX: function() {
        // Your own implementation
    setPositionX: function(x) {
        // Your own implementation

var mySprite = new MySprite();

Then mySprite.x = x; will invoke your custom setPositionX function, same for getter. What you have to make sure is the inherited getter/setter functions' names must be the same as the parent class. Otherwise, you will need to redefine the property via cc.defineGetterSetter.

6. List of properties


Property Type Accessibility Getter/Setter function Advanced Compress Ready
x Number R&W getPositionX, setPositionX YES
y Number R&W getPositionY, setPositionY YES
width Number R&W _getWidth, _setWidth YES
height Number R&W _getHeight, _setHeight YES
anchorX Number R&W _getAnchorX, _setAnchorX YES
anchorY Number R&W _getAnchorY, _setAnchorY YES
skewX Number R&W getSkewX, setSkewX YES
skewY Number R&W getSkewY, setSkewY YES
zIndex Number R&W getLocalZOrder, setLocalZOrder YES
vertexZ Number R&W getVertexZ, setVertexZ YES
rotation Number R&W getRotation, setRotation YES
rotationX Number R&W getRotationX, setRotationX YES
rotationY Number R&W getRotationY, setRotationY YES
scale Number R&W getScale, setScale YES
scaleX Number R&W getScaleX, setScaleX YES
scaleY Number R&W getScaleY, setScaleY YES
opacity Number R&W getOpacity, setOpacity YES
opacityModifyRGB Boolean R&W isOpacityModifyRGB, setOpacityModifyRGB YES
cascadeOpacity Boolean R&W isCascadeOpacityEnabled, setCascadeOpacityEnabled YES
color cc.Color R&W getColor, setColor YES
cascadeColor Boolean R&W isCascadeColorEnabled, setCascadeColorEnabled YES
children Array readonly getChildren YES
childrenCount Number readonly getChildrenCount YES
parent cc.Node R&W getParent, setParent YES
visible Boolean R&W isVisible, setVisible YES
running Boolean readonly isRunning YES
ignoreAnchor Boolean R&W isIgnoreAnchorPointForPosition, ignoreAnchorPointForPosition YES
tag Number R&W None YES
userData Object R&W None YES
userObject Object R&W None YES
arrivalOrder Number R&W None YES
actionManager cc.ActionManager R&W getActionManager, setActionManager YES
scheduler cc.Scheduler R&W getScheduler, setScheduler YES
grid cc.GridBase R&W None NO
shaderProgram cc.GLProgram R&W getShaderProgram, setShaderProgram YES


Property Type Accessibility Getter/Setter function Advanced Compress Ready
name WebGLTexture readonly getName NO
pixelFormat Number readonly getPixelFormat NO
pixelsWidth Number readonly getPixelsWide NO
pixelsHeight Number readonly getPixelsHigh NO
width Number R&W _getWidth, _setWidth NO
height Number R&W _getHeight, _setHeight NO
shaderProgram cc.GLProgram R&W None NO
maxS Number R&W None NO
maxT Number R&W None NO


Extend from cc.NodeRGBA

Property Type Accessibility Getter/Setter function Advanced Compress Ready
dirty Boolean R&W None YES
flippedX Boolean R&W isFlippedX, setFlippedX YES
flippedY Boolean R&W isFlippedY, setFlippedY YES
offsetX Number readonly _getOffsetX YES
offsetY Number readonly _getOffsetY YES
atlasIndex Number R&W None YES
texture cc.Texture2D R&W getTexture, setTexture YES
textureRectRotated Boolean readonly isTextureRectRotated YES
textureAtlas cc.TextureAtlas R&W None YES
batchNode cc.SpriteBatchNode R&W getBatchNode, setBatchNode YES
quad cc.V3F_C4B_T2F_Quad readonly getQuad YES


Extend from cc.Sprite

Property Type Accessibility Getter/Setter function Advanced Compress Ready
string String R&W getString, setString YES
textAlign Number R&W getHorizontalAlignment, setHorizontalAlignment YES
verticalAlign Number R&W getVerticalAlignment, setVerticalAlignment YES
fontSize Number R&W getFontSize, setFontSize YES
fontName String R&W getFontName, setFontName YES
font String R&W _getFont, _setFont YES
boundingWidth Number R&W _getBoundingWidth, _setBoundingWidth YES
boundingHeight Number R&W _getBoundingHeight, _setBoundingHeight YES
fillStyle cc.Color R&W _getFillStyle, setFontFillColor YES
strokeStyle cc.Color R&W _getStrokeStyle, _setStrokeStyle YES
lineWidth Number R&W _getLineWidth, _setLineWidth YES
shadowOffsetX Number R&W _getShadowOffsetX, _setShadowOffsetX YES
shadowOffsetY Number R&W _getShadowOffsetY, _setShadowOffsetY YES
shadowOpacity Number R&W _getShadowOpacity, _setShadowOpacity YES
shadowBlur Number R&W _getShadowBlur, _setShadowBlur YES

Full list

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