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Release Notes for CocoStudio v1100


Supported for Korean version.

Animation Editor

  1. Solved the problem when dragging a image into properties tab, it won’t be rendered in posing mode.
  2. Solved the crash problem when exporting texture altas(all images).
  3. Solved the crash problem when dragging resources ,which named with some capital letters.
  4. Added the function of Image Reference.
  5. Added the function of Easing Setting.
  6. Added the function of Inverse dynamics.
  7. Changed the mechanism of automatically create frames again.

UI Editor

  1. The Export tab of UI Editor and Animation Editor can maintain the last users’ configuration information.
  2. Improved the function of “Save as”.
  3. Added layout control system in UI Editor.
  4. Modified the bug when exporting texture altas(all images), some unused images won’t be exported.
  5. The images would show the other images when plist file open squares.
  6. Solved the problem different effects of display when import files into Scene Editor after a psd file exported from UI Editor

Scene Editor

  1. Renamed the Play tool as Simulator.
  2. Scene Editor supports render and debugging in IOS and Android devices.

UI Library

  1. Promote the logic of layer.
  2. Combine the DragPanel function into ScrollView. ScrollView supports rolling in two directions now.
  3. Add a component ListViewEx.
  4. Make the layout consummater.
  5. Change the class of UIHelper to a static function.
  6. Change the interface of reading json, change UIHelper’s createWidgetFromFile to GUIReader’s widgetFromFile.

Animation Library

  1. Added method for removing single data info.
  2. Added test TEST_DIRECT_LOADING.
  3. Added test TEST_FRAME_EVENT.
  4. Added method for getting calculated collider vertex.
  6. Added gotoAndPlay and gotoAndPause method.
  7. Fixed tween easing effect.
  8. Fixed CCBone create bug.
  9. Fixed if frame event is at the last frame, it may emit event several times.
  10. Fixed some android device Async load crash .
  11. Fixed CCColliderDetector::setActive crash.
  12. Fixed when update delta is big, the frame event do not emit.
  13. Supported reading scaled resource exported from Animation Editor.
  14. Changed CCArmature::boundingBox to apply CCNode::boundingBox.
  15. Changed color json format.

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