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Release Notes for Cocos2d-html5 v2.1.4



  • Added support for multiple resources loading, please refer to the document Mechanism of Loading Resources for usage. This mechanic is the same as cocos2d-x now
  • Optimised “Performance Tests -> Sprites Test”, and increased its benchmark to 220%! Yeah, 2.2 times faster than before!
  • Migrated audio (CocosDenshion) API to keep the same as Cocos2d JS API
  • Added auto test for NodeTests and TilemapTests
  • Changed CCTextureCache member functions such as addImage(path), addImageAysnc(path), removeTextureForKey(key) from using relative path to absolute path
  • Added support for particle batch node

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed preLoading issue on iOS 5.1.1
  • Fixed cc.Menu / cc.MenuItemImage remaining touchable issue after replaceScene
  • Fixed Box2d and chipmunk path error for single engine file mode
  • Fixed cc.EditBox Dom Element position issue when cc.EditBox skewed
  • Fixed cc.ScrollView position issue when it’s parent node moved
  • Fixed cc.TouchDispatcher can’t touch issue when WebPage has been scrolled on Firefox or IE

Known Issues

  • Effect Advanced Lens3D doesn’t work
  • ClipNodeTest effects varies in different browsers


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