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Release Notes for Cocos2d-html5 v2.1.5


  • Optimized John Resig’s inheritance pattern cc.Class.extend with advanced property initialization
  • Ported Cocos2d-html5 API to Cocos2d-x v2.1.4, keep compatible is the most important things
  • Optimized performance in some action’s update() function
  • Integrated Armature module, now you can use it to add your bone animation
  • Optimized performance of MoonWarriors and CocosDragon. Now they run smoother on mobile browser
  • Implemented the rest features of Cocos2d-x extensions in HTML5 version

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cc.EditBox Dom Element position issue when EGLView is setted
  • Fixed cc.EGLView adjustSize bug
  • Fixed the bug of cc.ParticleBatchNode that it doesn’t hide particles after particle life has expired when calling stopSystem()
  • Fixed a bug that LabelTTF dimension behavior doesn’t support height=0
  • Fixed line height for multiline LabelTTF and overlapping pixels in Scale9Sprite on Canvas browsers
  • Fixed a bug of cc.SimpleAudioEngine that unloading effect doesn’t work

Known Issues

  • Effect Advanced Lens3D doesn’t work
  • ClipNodeTest effects varies in different browsers


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