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Release Notes for Cocos2d-x v 2.1.3



  • support spine editor
  • use luajit
  • CocosPlayer supports iOS
  • add kResolutionFixedHeight and kResolutionFixedWidth resolution policy
  • update SpiderMonkey to v20.0
  • add many lua test cases
  • find a way to obfuscate javascript code, document
  • plugin-x released, document
  • add CCRemoveSelf action
  • update UTHASH to v1.9.8
  • add OpenGL bindings to Javascript
  • avoid reloading resources on android when come from background
  • OpenAL support on Linux
  • improve font rendering performance for linux platform
  • add 64bit target for Mac project
  • support variable cell sizes in CCTableView

Bug fixes

  • std\_string\_to\_jsval generates messy js string when passed a non-ascii UTF8 std::string
  • cc.FileUtils.getInstance().getStringFromFile(filename) doesn’t return a whole string
  • a potential crash in CCScheduler::removeHashElement()

Change log

Please refer to this document for full change log.



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