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Release Notes for Cocos2d-x v2.1.4


Because the limited uploading size of google code, Emscripten lib and resources of WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS are removed from releasing installing package.

In order to run Emscripten sample, you should
* download Emscripten lib here
* put downloaded lib into COCOS2DX_ROOT/external/emscripten

And you should do following steps to run WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS
* download resources of WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS here
* put downloaded resources into samples/Javascript/Shared/games

We recommend you use multi-platform creating tools named create_project.py, which lies in tools/project-creator, to create a new project. This tool can create a project has the same folder structure as HelloCpp. Other tools such as create-android-project.sh will be removed in future.

Note: VS template was deprecated in this release, please use ‘tools/project-creator’ instead.


  • support XMLHttpRequest and WebSocket on JSB
  • support javascript byte code and add command line tool for generating javacript code
  • upgrade Spidermonkey to Firefox v21
  • support Emspriten and Tizen port, usage of Emscpriten and usage of Tizen
  • AssetsManager downloads resources in a new thread
  • CCLabelTTF supports shadows and stroke
  • support ETC1 image format on Android
  • add most test cases for lua binding
  • add more plugins: weibo, twitter
  • fix a bug that caused by iOS7 + Xcode5

Change log

Please refer to this document for full change log.



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