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Release Notes for Cocos2d-x v215

This version fixed some critical bugs in cocos2d-x-2.1.4.



Bugs Fixed

  • #2410: Black screen when application resumes from background.
  • #2401: CCLabelBMFont crashes in glDrawElements of CCTextureAtlas::drawNumberOfQuads sometimes.
  • #2480: Crash caused by improper deletion of VBOs and VAO in ParticleSystemQuad.
  • #2388: White screen in CCControlSwitchTest.
  • #2398: Missing support of raw data parse on MAC port.
  • #2612: Crash appears when extending cc.ScrollView in JS.
  • #2337: EditBox doesn’t show any text in TestJavascript/ExtensionsTest/EditBoxTest on iOS.

Relevant pull requests



Because the limited uploading size of google code, Emscripten lib and resources of WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS were removed from releasing installing package.

In order to run Emscripten sample, you should
* download Emscripten lib here
* put downloaded lib into COCOS2DX_ROOT/external/emscripten

And you should do following steps to run WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS
* download resources of WatermelonWithMe and CocosDragonJS here
* put downloaded resources into samples/Javascript/Shared/games

Of course you can get full version from github. There is a tag named cocos2d-x-2.1.5 in master branch. Don’t forget to update submodules.

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