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Release Notes for Cocos2d-x v2.2

Thanks the contribution of MicroSoft, now cocos2d-x supports Windows8 and WinPhone8. And this version well supports the first stable version of CocoStudio v1.0.


  • Added CocoStudio GUI
  • Added CocoStudio v1.0 parser
  • Initial version of Windows8 and WinPhone8 port
  • Javascript binding supports armature
  • Fixed almost all differences between JSB and html5 v2.2
  • Lua binding supports CCTableView and CCScrollView

Bug fixed

  • Can not hide status bar on iOS 7
  • Missing iOS 7 icons
  • CCTextureCache::addImageAsync is not thread-safe
  • Cocos2dxBitmap.divideStringWithMaxWidth may cause index out of range error



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