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Scene Editor Menu Bar


The Scene editor menu bar is a collection of common operations that include four categories: File, Edit, View, Help.



New Project(Ctrl+N)

If you opened a project when creating a new Scene project, the Scene editor prompts to save the current project.

1: The file name can not contain the following symbols: “?”、“、”、“╲”、“**"、"""、"""、"<"、">"、"|".
2: Do not create a project on the desktop if you are using the Microsoft XP operating system.
h4. Open Project
Opens an existing project.
h4. Save Project
Saves the project which is currently being edited.
h4. Save As

Saves the project as a new project(ver 1.1 or later).
Note* : The file name can not contain the following symbols:”?“、”、“、”╲“、”“、”“”、“”“、”<“、”>“、”|".
h4. Export Project

Exports the selected canvas as project resources.
h4. Import Resources
** Importing Files
# Supports multiple selection Import.
# Files with duplicate names will not be imported.
*Import Folder
# Select folder from disk to import for use in CocoStudio.
# Folders with duplicate names will not be imported.


If the project has been modified, the Scene editor will remind the user to save the project.


h4. Undo(Ctrl+Z)

Reverses the last action.


Recovers the reversed action.


Object Struct

Opens the Object Structure window.


Opens the Properties window.


Opens the Resources window.


Opens the Output window.

Start Page

Opens the Start Page window.

Reset Window Layout

Resets the editor to the initial layout.


Open help documents. (F1)

Opens online help documents。

About Cocostudio

Opens CocoStudio information window。

Check New Version

Checks for updated versions of CocoStudio.


Takes effect after restarting the editor if you changed the language.

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