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Scene Editor Property Panel


  1. When you select an object, the properties window will show all the properties of the object.
  2. Modifying any property can change the status of the node in the rendering area immediately.



  1. Description of the currently selected object is shown at the top of the dialog box.
  2. CocoStudio searches according to your input in the search field.

General Properties

  • Tag Finds the identity of node code. When added to a new node, the tag will increment 1 automatically.
  • ZOrder Adjusts rendering order or occlusion of the node.
  • Position Adjusts the position of the widget.
  • Alias Displays the alias of the node in the object structure panel.
  • Rotation Adjusts the rotation angle of widget.
  • visible Whether to display a subset of a node.
  • Scale Zooms the widget by horizontal or vertical scale.

Component Properties

For more information, see Component List.


Right-click on the Property’s name. The Reset button labeled “Reset to Defaults” will display. If you click the Reset button,the value of this property will be reset to default.

Note : A part of properties cannot be resetted, and the button’s state is not available.

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