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Skeleton Properties


Sets the name of a skeleton. The pointer of the skeleton can be retrieved from the name in the code.


Sets the skeleton’s position. The origin of coordinate is the starting point of drawing a skeleton.

Frame Action

Sets the name of the frame action of the skeleton.


Sets the rotational angle of the skeleton; the property value is the rotation degrees clockwise of the center axis of the control.


Sets whether to display the skeleton or not.

Rendering Resource

Sets the picture of the skeleton’s texture.

Parent Name

Displays the parent name of the widget.


Sets skeleton scaling, zooming into the X-axis and Y-axis scaling. Values can be positive or negative, and a flipping effect can be achieved when the value is negative.


Sets the transparency of the widget,ranging from 0-255, 0 for transparent, 255 for the opaque option.


Locks the skeleton or texture, and cannot be edited if locked.

Color Mixing

This property sets color mixing of the widget. Click the drop-down menu and the color selection box will appear. After selecting the color, the original widget will be mixed with the color rendering.

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