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UI Editor Status Bar


The status bar displays the currently selected control’s properties as well as the rendering area scaling factor adjustment.


Control status

  1. Seletced widget name
  2. Start time x
  3. Start time y
  4. Rotation degree
  5. X-axis scaling factor
  6. Y-axis scaling factor
  7. Rendering area scaling slider
  8. Rendering area scaling values input box
  9. Drop-down box to select the scaling factor
  10. Restore the default scaling factor

Adjust the scaling factor

  1. To adjust the scaling factor, drag the slider by selecting the oval area with the mouse.
  2. Enter the scaling factor in the input box, or
  3. Select the value in the drop-down box.

Restore the default scaling factor

Select the Restore option to restore to the default scaling factor.

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