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UI Widget UILabelBMFont



The UILabelBMFont subclass implements custom fonts in the touch screen. The UILabelBMFont subclass is a subclass of UIWidget.
The widget provides methods to set font file, text content and other attributes.

3x3 grids

For more information, see 3x3 grids.

Common properties

For more information, see Common properties.


FNT font file

Configures a custom font control support font file(.fnt).
Note : When you configure the font file, font files in the resource area and their corresponding images are located in the same directory level.


The label that is displayed.

3-3-7-img-01.png (5 kB), 2013-12-03 07:08

3-3-7-img-02.png (3.4 kB), 2013-12-03 07:08

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