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UI Widget UIScrollView



The UIScrollView subclass implements the scrolling layer in the touch screen. The UIScrollView subclass is a subclass of UIWidget.
The control provides methods to set the layer container’s clip, width and height, background color opacity, fill color, picture resources and other attributes.

Squared Properties

For more information, see UI controls common attributes.

General Properties

For more information, see UI controls common attributes.



Hides control’s child controls, which are located out of the display area.


Sets a picture (png, jpg) that will be displayed with default status.


Sets the width of the scrolling area.

Note : After setting the scrolling zone width and height, child controls must be located within the green wireframe.


Sets the height of the scroll area.


Sets the opacity of the background color,ranges from 0-255, 0 for transparent, and 255 for the opaque option.


No color

No background color on this status.


Sets the background color(RGB).


  1. StartColor Sets the starting color of the gradient.
  2. EndColor Sets the ending color of the gradient.
  3. X X Vector
  4. Y Y Vector

Scroll direction

Sets the default scrolling direction.

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