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Upgrade Guide from Cocos2d-html5 v2.1.5 to v2.2

  • Changes
    • Improved Sprite, Node, LabelTTF class define from separated code to combined code for maintainability, now it is clean and clear
    • cc.Sprite and its subClasses’s texture has been replaced from DOM element to cc.Texture2D on Canvas mode
    • Improved cc.Texture2d for direct using without pre-loading image resources, you don’t need to wait resources loading when create a new scene or layers
    • Migrated CCBReader and GUI to Cocos2d-x 2.1.4
    • Improved update function of Action, and avoid using temporary object, it is good for GC and performance
    • Modified LabelTTF’s rendering from direct drawing to pre-rendering for performance, 100% faster than before on mobile browser
    • Fixed APIs of HTML5 according to JSB for compatibility, e.g. cc.ParticleSystemQuad has merged into cc.ParticleSystem, please check it according to the second part of this wiki
    • Added Hiding url address bar for mobile browser, please check the template and hello world
    • Re-writed Canvas Mode of RenderTexture to adapt WebGL interface
    • Added frame event, collider and blend type supporting for Armature. Now Armature supports two tools:1.CocoStudio(windows,, 2.DragonBones(flash,
    • Set auto render mode default value to canvas in mobile browsers and WebGL in desktop browsers

* APIs change:
# cc.RectMake, cc.SizeMake and cc.PointMake have been deprecated, please use cc.rect, cc.size and cc.p instead.
var aRect = cc.RectMake(8,8,8,8); > var aRect = cc.rect;
var aSize = cc.SizeMake;
> var aSize = cc.size(8,8);
var aPoint = cc.PointMake(8,8); > var aPoint = cc.p;
# cc.Director.getInstance.getTouchDispatcher.addTargetedDelegate, cc.Director.getInstance.getTouchDispatcher.addStandardDelegate
and cc.Director.getInstance.getTouchDispatcher.removeDelegate have been private, please use cc.registerTargetedDelegate, cc.registerStandardDelegate and cc.unregisterTouchDelegate instead.
> cc.registerTargetedDelegate(this._touchPriority, true, this);
cc.Director.getInstance().getTouchDispatcher().addStandardDelegate(this,this._touchPriority) > cc.registerStandardDelegate;
> cc.unregisterTouchDelegate(this);
# cc.ParticleSystemQuad has merged into cc.ParticleSystem
cc.ParticleSystemQuad.create(); > cc.ParticleSystem.create;
# cc.Sprite and its subClasses’s texture has been replaced from DOM element to cc.Texture2D on Canvas mode
var aTexture = aSprite.getTexture; var texWidth = aTexture.width;
> var aTextureSize = aSprite.getTexture().getContentSize(); var texWidth = aTextureSize.width;
# cc.SpriteFrameCache’s addSpriteFramesWithJson has been deprecated, because Json format doesn’t support on JSB. Use XML format instead
# cc.SimpleAudioEngine’s preloadSound has been deprecated, please use preloadBackgroundMusic and preloadEffect instead.
# add setPlaceholderFontName, setPlaceholderFontSize, setFontName, setFontSize functions to cc.EditBox
# cc.TileMapAtlas’ tileAt has renamed to getTileAt
aTileMapAtlas.tileAt(cc.p(1,1)); > aTileMapAtlas.getTileAt);
# cc.Sprite’s setFlipX, setFlipY have renamed to setFlippedX, setFlippedY
> aSprite.setFlippedX(true);
aSprite.setFlipY(true); -> aSprite.setFlippedY(true);

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