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Upgrade Guide from Cocos2d-html5 v2.2 to v2.2.1


* cc.EGLView and most render classes have been re-written to adapt multiple resolution resources in-order to optimize performance on mobile browsers.
There have two types of browsers:
h3. For full screen
* If full-screen game, just delete all elements of body’s children, and append game canvas to body element in html page.
<body style=“padding:0; margin: 0; background: #000;”>
<canvas id=“gameCanvas” width=“800” height=“480”></canvas>
<script src=“cocos2d.js”></script>
***** Then if you want to support auto resizing game size according to browser screen, just add one call in main.js:
h3. No full screen
***** However, the PC browsers always has so wide screen, developers would like to set the size of game canvas by themselves,
For example: developers want to add some dom elements around game canvas to decorate page, or add some adverts in game page.
The config file looks like this:
***** index.html
<body style=“text-align: center;background: #f2f6f8;”>
<img style="clear:both;margin-bottom: 20px" src="res/Images/cocos2dbanner.png"/>
<div style=“display:inline-block;width:auto; margin: 0 auto; background: black; position:relative; border:5px solid black; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0 5px 50px #333”>
<canvas id=“gameCanvas” width=“800” height=“480”></canvas>
<script src=“tests-boot-html5.js”></script>
***** main.js
applicationDidFinishLaunching:function {

// initialize director
var director = cc.Director.getInstance;

return true;

h3. Added cc.Screen
**** It uses for enter/exit FullScreen mode.
For example:

//change the screen to full mode.
cc.Screen.getInstance().requestFullScreen(cc.canvas, this.onFullScreenChangeFunc);
//exit the full mode.       

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