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User Tutorial-How to open cocos2d-x project into Qt Creator IDE

Contributed By: Den


Usage of CMake as a build system for a cocos makes the build process more universal and clear. Besides that it also has some implicit opportunities. Here I will describe how easy it becomes now to open a cocos2d project into Qt Creator IDE.

Setting up Qt Creator IDE

Qt Creator is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OS X) open source IDE currently maintained by Digia for Qt SDK. There is nothing special you should know about IDE installation process. Just download appropriate package for you system from official site.

Open cocos project into Qt Creator

Assuming that you have already installed IDE.

Step 1

Open it and follow: "File" -> "Open File or Project".
Qt Creator main window

Step 2

Find CMakeLists.txt file of your project. And open it.
Qt Creator will ask for a build folder. I just leave the standard one.
Qt Creator ask for a build folder

Step 3

On the next window you need to just push "Run CMake" button
Qt Creator run cmake

Step 4

At this point you already have opened cocos2d project into Qt IDE. Now you can launch it.
Qt Creator launch the project

That is all for that tutorial. Thanks for your attention. :)

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