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Unit Tests in Cocos2d-x

Contributed By: rafaelpierri

Solving Dependencies

Make sure you have cocos console and wget installed, then:

    cocos new MyGame -l cpp
    cd MyGame

Time to Code!

Based on the examples provided at Classes/project1.cpp, Classes/project1.cpp and tests/test_project1.cpp you can write your own Unit Tests.

If you create new files under Classes/ or Tests/ make sure to edit CMakeLists.txt accordingly. Take a look at the "#NEW STUFF" comments along CMakeLists.txt, they will give a tip on where you should add or modify the file names.


Choose your perferred build directory:

    mkdir linux-build
    cd linux-build

Run cmake including the Unit Test option:

    cmake -Dtest=ON ..

Now build'n'run:

    make test

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