cocos2d-x  3.3
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OBB Member List

This is the complete list of members for OBB, including all inherited members.

containPoint(const Vec3 &point) const OBB
getCorners(Vec3 *verts) const OBB
getEdgeDirection(int index) const OBBprotected
getFaceDirection(int index) const OBBprotected
getInterval(const OBB &box, const Vec3 &axis, float &min, float &max) const OBBprotected
intersects(const OBB &box) const OBB
OBB(const AABB &aabb)OBB
OBB(const Vec3 *verts, int num)OBB
projectPoint(const Vec3 &point, const Vec3 &axis) const OBBprotected
set(const Vec3 &center, const Vec3 &_xAxis, const Vec3 &_yAxis, const Vec3 &_zAxis, const Vec3 &_extents)OBB
transform(const Mat4 &mat)OBB