cocos2d-x  3.5
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Texture2D::PixelFormatInfo Struct Reference

#include <CCTexture2D.h>

Public Member Functions

 PixelFormatInfo (GLenum anInternalFormat, GLenum aFormat, GLenum aType, int aBpp, bool aCompressed, bool anAlpha)

Public Attributes

GLenum internalFormat
var internalFormat
local internalFormat
GLenum format
var format
local format
GLenum type
var type
local type
int bpp
var bpp
local bpp
bool compressed
var compressed
local compressed
bool alpha
var alpha
local alpha

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PixelFormatInfo ( GLenum  anInternalFormat,
GLenum  aFormat,
GLenum  aType,
int  aBpp,
bool  aCompressed,
bool  anAlpha 
var PixelFormatInfo ( var  anInternalFormat,
var  aFormat,
var  aType,
var  aBpp,
var  aCompressed,
var  anAlpha 
local PixelFormatInfo ( local  anInternalFormat,
local  aFormat,
local  aType,
local  aBpp,
local  aCompressed,
local  anAlpha 

Member Data Documentation

bool alpha
var alpha
local alpha
int bpp
var bpp
local bpp
bool compressed
var compressed
local compressed
GLenum format
var format
local format
GLenum internalFormat
var internalFormat
local internalFormat
GLenum type
var type
local type

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