cocos2d-x  3.2
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CCDeprecated.h File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include "math/CCGeometry.h"
#include "base/ccTypes.h"


 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.


#define CCLabelTTF   LabelTTF
#define CCLabelBMFont   LabelBMFont
#define kCCLabelAutomaticWidth   kLabelAutomaticWidth
#define kCCTMXTileHorizontalFlag   kTMXTileHorizontalFlag
#define kCCTMXTileVerticalFlag   kTMXTileVerticalFlag
#define kCCTMXTileDiagonalFlag   kTMXTileDiagonalFlag
#define kCCFlipedAll   kFlipedAll
#define kCCFlippedMask   kTMXFlippedMask


typedef Ref CCObject
typedef Ref Object
typedef Event CCEvent
typedef DataVisitor CCDataVisitor
typedef PrettyPrinter CCPrettyPrinter
typedef Acceleration CCAcceleration
typedef TextureAtlas CCTextureAtlas
typedef Configuration CCConfiguration
typedef PointArray CCPointArray
typedef RemoveSelf CCRemoveSelf
typedef IMEDelegate CCIMEDelegate
typedef IMEKeyboardNotificationInfo CCIMEKeyboardNotificationInfo
typedef TextFieldDelegate CCTextFieldDelegate
typedef TextFieldTTF CCTextFieldTTF
typedef __NotificationCenter CCNotificationCenter
typedef __NotificationCenter NotificationCenter
typedef Image CCImage
typedef UserDefault CCUserDefault
typedef Action CCAction
typedef FiniteTimeAction CCFiniteTimeAction
typedef Speed CCSpeed
typedef Follow CCFollow
typedef GLProgram CCGLProgram
typedef Touch CCTouch
typedef Texture2D CCTexture2D
typedef Node CCNode
typedef Node CCNodeRGBA
typedef Node CCRGBAProtocol
typedef SpriteFrame CCSpriteFrame
typedef AnimationFrame CCAnimationFrame
typedef Animation CCAnimation
typedef ActionInterval CCActionInterval
typedef Sequence CCSequence
typedef Repeat CCRepeat
typedef RepeatForever CCRepeatForever
typedef Spawn CCSpawn
typedef RotateTo CCRotateTo
typedef RotateBy CCRotateBy
typedef MoveBy CCMoveBy
typedef MoveTo CCMoveTo
typedef SkewTo CCSkewTo
typedef SkewBy CCSkewBy
typedef JumpBy CCJumpBy
typedef JumpTo CCJumpTo
typedef BezierBy CCBezierBy
typedef BezierTo CCBezierTo
typedef ScaleTo CCScaleTo
typedef ScaleBy CCScaleBy
typedef Blink CCBlink
typedef FadeIn CCFadeIn
typedef FadeOut CCFadeOut
typedef FadeTo CCFadeTo
typedef TintTo CCTintTo
typedef TintBy CCTintBy
typedef DelayTime CCDelayTime
typedef Animate CCAnimate
typedef TargetedAction CCTargetedAction
typedef ActionCamera CCActionCamera
typedef OrbitCamera CCOrbitCamera
typedef ActionManager CCActionManager
typedef ActionEase CCActionEase
typedef EaseRateAction CCEaseRateAction
typedef EaseIn CCEaseIn
typedef EaseOut CCEaseOut
typedef EaseInOut CCEaseInOut
typedef EaseExponentialIn CCEaseExponentialIn
typedef EaseExponentialOut CCEaseExponentialOut
typedef EaseExponentialInOut CCEaseExponentialInOut
typedef EaseSineIn CCEaseSineIn
typedef EaseSineOut CCEaseSineOut
typedef EaseSineInOut CCEaseSineInOut
typedef EaseElastic CCEaseElastic
typedef EaseElasticIn CCEaseElasticIn
typedef EaseElasticOut CCEaseElasticOut
typedef EaseElasticInOut CCEaseElasticInOut
typedef EaseBounce CCEaseBounce
typedef EaseBounceIn CCEaseBounceIn
typedef EaseBounceOut CCEaseBounceOut
typedef EaseBounceInOut CCEaseBounceInOut
typedef EaseBackIn CCEaseBackIn
typedef EaseBackOut CCEaseBackOut
typedef EaseBackInOut CCEaseBackInOut
typedef ActionInstant CCActionInstant
typedef Show CCShow
typedef Hide CCHide
typedef ToggleVisibility CCToggleVisibility
typedef FlipX CCFlipX
typedef FlipY CCFlipY
typedef Place CCPlace
typedef CallFunc CCCallFunc
typedef CallFuncN CCCallFuncN
typedef __CCCallFuncND CCCallFuncND
typedef __CCCallFuncO CCCallFuncO
typedef GridAction CCGridAction
typedef Grid3DAction CCGrid3DAction
typedef TiledGrid3DAction CCTiledGrid3DAction
typedef StopGrid CCStopGrid
typedef ReuseGrid CCReuseGrid
typedef Waves3D CCWaves3D
typedef FlipX3D CCFlipX3D
typedef FlipY3D CCFlipY3D
typedef Lens3D CCLens3D
typedef Ripple3D CCRipple3D
typedef Shaky3D CCShaky3D
typedef Liquid CCLiquid
typedef Waves CCWaves
typedef Twirl CCTwirl
typedef PageTurn3D CCPageTurn3D
typedef ProgressTo CCProgressTo
typedef ProgressFromTo CCProgressFromTo
typedef ShakyTiles3D CCShakyTiles3D
typedef ShatteredTiles3D CCShatteredTiles3D
typedef ShuffleTiles CCShuffleTiles
typedef FadeOutTRTiles CCFadeOutTRTiles
typedef FadeOutBLTiles CCFadeOutBLTiles
typedef FadeOutUpTiles CCFadeOutUpTiles
typedef FadeOutDownTiles CCFadeOutDownTiles
typedef TurnOffTiles CCTurnOffTiles
typedef WavesTiles3D CCWavesTiles3D
typedef JumpTiles3D CCJumpTiles3D
typedef SplitRows CCSplitRows
typedef SplitCols CCSplitCols
typedef ActionTween CCActionTween
typedef CardinalSplineTo CCCardinalSplineTo
typedef CardinalSplineBy CCCardinalSplineBy
typedef CatmullRomTo CCCatmullRomTo
typedef CatmullRomBy CCCatmullRomBy
typedef AtlasNode CCAtlasNode
typedef TextureProtocol CCTextureProtocol
typedef BlendProtocol CCBlendProtocol
typedef DrawNode CCDrawNode
typedef Camera CCCamera
typedef LabelAtlas CCLabelAtlas
typedef LabelProtocol CCLabelProtocol
typedef Director CCDirector
typedef GridBase CCGridBase
typedef Grid3D CCGrid3D
typedef TiledGrid3D CCTiledGrid3D
typedef Sprite CCSprite
typedef SpriteBatchNode CCSpriteBatchNode
typedef Layer CCLayer
typedef Layer CCLayerRGBA
typedef LayerColor CCLayerColor
typedef LayerGradient CCLayerGradient
typedef LayerMultiplex CCLayerMultiplex
typedef Scene CCScene
typedef TransitionEaseScene CCTransitionEaseScene
typedef TransitionScene CCTransitionScene
typedef TransitionSceneOriented CCTransitionSceneOriented
typedef TransitionRotoZoom CCTransitionRotoZoom
typedef TransitionJumpZoom CCTransitionJumpZoom
typedef TransitionMoveInL CCTransitionMoveInL
typedef TransitionMoveInR CCTransitionMoveInR
typedef TransitionMoveInT CCTransitionMoveInT
typedef TransitionMoveInB CCTransitionMoveInB
typedef TransitionSlideInL CCTransitionSlideInL
typedef TransitionSlideInR CCTransitionSlideInR
typedef TransitionSlideInB CCTransitionSlideInB
typedef TransitionSlideInT CCTransitionSlideInT
typedef TransitionShrinkGrow CCTransitionShrinkGrow
typedef TransitionFlipX CCTransitionFlipX
typedef TransitionFlipY CCTransitionFlipY
typedef TransitionFlipAngular CCTransitionFlipAngular
typedef TransitionZoomFlipX CCTransitionZoomFlipX
typedef TransitionZoomFlipY CCTransitionZoomFlipY
typedef TransitionZoomFlipAngular CCTransitionZoomFlipAngular
typedef TransitionFade CCTransitionFade
typedef TransitionCrossFade CCTransitionCrossFade
typedef TransitionTurnOffTiles CCTransitionTurnOffTiles
typedef TransitionSplitCols CCTransitionSplitCols
typedef TransitionSplitRows CCTransitionSplitRows
typedef TransitionFadeTR CCTransitionFadeTR
typedef TransitionFadeBL CCTransitionFadeBL
typedef TransitionFadeUp CCTransitionFadeUp
typedef TransitionFadeDown CCTransitionFadeDown
typedef TransitionPageTurn CCTransitionPageTurn
typedef TransitionProgress CCTransitionProgress
typedef TransitionProgressRadialCCW CCTransitionProgressRadialCCW
typedef TransitionProgressRadialCW CCTransitionProgressRadialCW
typedef TransitionProgressVertical CCTransitionProgressVertical
typedef TransitionProgressInOut CCTransitionProgressInOut
typedef TransitionProgressOutIn CCTransitionProgressOutIn
typedef MenuItem CCMenuItem
typedef MenuItemLabel CCMenuItemLabel
typedef MenuItemAtlasFont CCMenuItemAtlasFont
typedef MenuItemFont CCMenuItemFont
typedef MenuItemSprite CCMenuItemSprite
typedef MenuItemImage CCMenuItemImage
typedef MenuItemToggle CCMenuItemToggle
typedef Menu CCMenu
typedef ClippingNode CCClippingNode
typedef MotionStreak CCMotionStreak
typedef ProgressTimer CCProgressTimer
typedef RenderTexture CCRenderTexture
typedef ParticleBatchNode CCParticleBatchNode
typedef ParticleSystem CCParticleSystem
typedef ParticleSystemQuad CCParticleSystemQuad
typedef ParticleFire CCParticleFire
typedef ParticleFireworks CCParticleFireworks
typedef ParticleSun CCParticleSun
typedef ParticleGalaxy CCParticleGalaxy
typedef ParticleFlower CCParticleFlower
typedef ParticleMeteor CCParticleMeteor
typedef ParticleSpiral CCParticleSpiral
typedef ParticleExplosion CCParticleExplosion
typedef ParticleSmoke CCParticleSmoke
typedef ParticleSnow CCParticleSnow
typedef ParticleRain CCParticleRain
typedef FileUtils CCFileUtils
typedef Application CCApplication
typedef GLProgramCache CCShaderCache
typedef GLProgramCache ShaderCache
typedef AnimationCache CCAnimationCache
typedef SpriteFrameCache CCSpriteFrameCache
typedef TextureCache CCTextureCache
typedef ParallaxNode CCParallaxNode
typedef TMXObjectGroup CCTMXObjectGroup
typedef TMXLayerInfo CCTMXLayerInfo
typedef TMXTilesetInfo CCTMXTilesetInfo
typedef TMXMapInfo CCTMXMapInfo
typedef TMXLayer CCTMXLayer
typedef TMXTiledMap CCTMXTiledMap
typedef TileMapAtlas CCTileMapAtlas
typedef Timer CCTimer
typedef Scheduler CCScheduler
typedef GLView CCEGLView
typedef Component CCComponent
typedef AffineTransform CCAffineTransform
typedef Vec2 CCPoint
typedef Size CCSize
typedef Rect CCRect
typedef Color3B ccColor3B
typedef Color4F ccColor4F
typedef Color4B ccColor4B
typedef Vec2 ccVertex2F
typedef Vec2 Vertex2F
typedef Vec3 ccVertex3F
typedef Vec3 Vertex3F
typedef Tex2F ccTex2F
typedef PointSprite ccPointSprite
typedef Quad2 ccQuad2
typedef Quad3 ccQuad3
typedef V2F_C4B_T2F ccV2F_C4B_T2F
typedef V2F_C4F_T2F ccV2F_C4F_T2F
typedef V3F_C4B_T2F ccV3F_C4B_T2F
typedef V2F_C4B_T2F_Triangle ccV2F_C4B_T2F_Triangle
typedef V2F_C4B_T2F_Quad ccV2F_C4B_T2F_Quad
typedef V3F_C4B_T2F_Quad ccV3F_C4B_T2F_Quad
typedef V2F_C4F_T2F_Quad ccV2F_C4F_T2F_Quad
typedef BlendFunc ccBlendFunc
typedef T2F_Quad ccT2F_Quad
typedef AnimationFrameData ccAnimationFrameData
typedef FontShadow ccFontShadow
typedef FontStroke ccFontStroke
typedef FontDefinition ccFontDefinition
typedef TextVAlignment CCVerticalTextAlignment
typedef TextHAlignment CCTextAlignment
typedef ProgressTimer::Type CCProgressTimerType
typedef void * CCZone
typedef ProgressTimer::Type ProgressTimerType
typedef Director::Projection ccDirectorProjection
 Possible OpenGL projections used by director. More...
typedef Texture2D::PixelFormat CCTexture2DPixelFormat
typedef Menu::State tMenuState
typedef Touch::DispatchMode ccTouchesMode
typedef Image::Format tImageFormat
typedef LanguageType ccLanguageType
typedef Application::Platform TargetPlatform
typedef int ccGLServerState
typedef Data CCData
typedef __Set CCSet
typedef __SetIterator CCSetIterator
typedef __Set Set
typedef __SetIterator SetIterator
typedef __Array CCArray
typedef __Array Array
typedef __Dictionary Dictionary
typedef __Dictionary CCDictionary
typedef __Double Double
typedef __Double CCDouble
typedef __Float Float
typedef __Float CCFloat
typedef __Integer Integer
typedef __Integer CCInteger
typedef __Bool Bool
typedef __Bool CCBool
typedef __String CCString
typedef __String String
typedef __RGBAProtocol RGBAProtocol
typedef __NodeRGBA NodeRGBA
typedef __LayerRGBA LayerRGBA
typedef float kmScalar
typedef Mat4 kmMat4
typedef Vec3 kmVec3
typedef Vec2 kmVec2
typedef Vec4 kmVec4


Vec2  (float x, float y)
 Helper macro that creates a Vec2. More...
var  ( var x, var y)
 Helper macro that creates a Vec2. More...
local  ( local x, local y)
 Helper macro that creates a Vec2. More...
Vec2  (float x, float y)
var  ( var x, var y)
local  ( local x, local y)
Size  (float width, float height)
local  ( local width, local height)
Rect  (float x, float y, float width, float height)
var  ( var x, var y, var width, var height)
local  ( local x, local y, local width, local height)
void CC_DLL  (const char *pszFormat,...) CC_FORMAT_PRINTF(1
 use log() instead More...
local  ( local pszFormat)
 use log() instead More...
void CC_DLL void CC_DLL  ()
var  ()
local  ()
void CC_DLL  ()
var  ()
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &point)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 *points, unsigned int numberOfPoints)
var  ( var points, var numberOfPoints)
local  ( local points, local numberOfPoints)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &origin, const Vec2 &destination)
var  ( var origin, var destination)
local  ( local origin, local destination)
void CC_DLL  (Vec2 origin, Vec2 destination)
local  ( local origin, local destination)
void CC_DLL  (Vec2 origin, Vec2 destination, Color4F color)
var  ( var origin, var destination, var color)
local  ( local origin, local destination, local color)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 *vertices, unsigned int numOfVertices, bool closePolygon)
var  ( var vertices, var numOfVertices, var closePolygon)
local  ( local vertices, local numOfVertices, local closePolygon)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 *poli, unsigned int numberOfPoints, Color4F color)
var  ( var poli, var numberOfPoints, var color)
local  ( local poli, local numberOfPoints, local color)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &center, float radius, float angle, unsigned int segments, bool drawLineToCenter, float scaleX, float scaleY)
var  ( var center, var radius, var angle, var segments, var drawLineToCenter, var scaleX, var scaleY)
local  ( local center, local radius, local angle, local segments, local drawLineToCenter, local scaleX, local scaleY)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &center, float radius, float angle, unsigned int segments, bool drawLineToCenter)
var  ( var center, var radius, var angle, var segments, var drawLineToCenter)
local  ( local center, local radius, local angle, local segments, local drawLineToCenter)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &center, float radius, float angle, unsigned int segments, float scaleX, float scaleY)
var  ( var center, var radius, var angle, var segments, var scaleX, var scaleY)
local  ( local center, local radius, local angle, local segments, local scaleX, local scaleY)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &center, float radius, float angle, unsigned int segments)
var  ( var center, var radius, var angle, var segments)
local  ( local center, local radius, local angle, local segments)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &origin, const Vec2 &control, const Vec2 &destination, unsigned int segments)
var  ( var origin, var control, var destination, var segments)
local  ( local origin, local control, local destination, local segments)
void CC_DLL  (const Vec2 &origin, const Vec2 &control1, const Vec2 &control2, const Vec2 &destination, unsigned int segments)
var  ( var origin, var control1, var control2, var destination, var segments)
local  ( local origin, local control1, local control2, local destination, local segments)
void CC_DLL  (PointArray *arrayOfControlPoints, unsigned int segments)
void CC_DLL  (PointArray *config, float tension, unsigned int segments)
var  ( var config, var tension, var segments)
local  ( local config, local tension, local segments)
void CC_DLL  (GLubyte r, GLubyte g, GLubyte b, GLubyte a)
var  ( var r, var g, var b, var a)
local  ( local r, local g, local b, local a)
void CC_DLL  (GLfloat r, GLfloat g, GLfloat b, GLfloat a)
void CC_DLL  (GLfloat pointSize)
void CC_DLL  ()
var  ()
local  ()
void CC_DLL  (GLuint program)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint program)
void CC_DLL  (GLenum sfactor, GLenum dfactor)
void CC_DLL  ()
void CC_DLL  ()
var  ()
local  ()
void CC_DLL  (unsigned int flags)
var  ( var flags)
local  ( local flags)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint textureId)
var  ( var textureId)
local  ( local textureId)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint textureUnit, GLuint textureId)
var  ( var textureUnit, var textureId)
local  ( local textureUnit, local textureId)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint textureId)
var  ( var textureId)
local  ( local textureId)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint textureUnit, GLuint textureId)
void CC_DLL  (GLuint vaoId)
void CC_DLL  (int flags)
var  ( var flags)
local  ( local flags)
void CC_DLL  (void)
void CC_DLL  (void)
var  ()
local  ()
void CC_DLL  (void)
local  ()
void CC_DLL  (unsigned int mode)
local  ( local mode)
void CC_DLL  (void)
local  ()
void CC_DLL  (const Mat4 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
void CC_DLL  (const Mat4 *pIn)
void CC_DLL  (float x, float y, float z)
local  ( local x, local y, local z)
void CC_DLL  (float angle, float x, float y, float z)
var  ( var angle, var x, var y, var z)
local  ( local angle, local x, local y, local z)
void CC_DLL  (float x, float y, float z)
var  ( var x, var y, var z)
local  ( local x, local y, local z)
void CC_DLL  (unsigned int mode, Mat4 *pOut)
local  ( local mode, local pOut)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float *pMat)
local  ( local pOut, local pMat)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Mat4 *pIn)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Mat4 *pM)
var  ( var pOut, var pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pM)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Mat4 *pIn)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Mat4 *pM1, const Mat4 *pM2)
var  ( var pOut, var pM1, var pM2)
local  ( local pOut, local pM1, local pM2)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float x, const float y, const float z)
var  ( var pOut, var x, var y, var z)
local  ( local pOut, local x, local y, local z)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float radians)
var  ( var pOut, var radians)
local  ( local pOut, local radians)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float radians)
var  ( var pOut, var radians)
local  ( local pOut, local radians)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float radians)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Vec3 *axis, float radians)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const float x, const float y, const float z)
var  ( var pOut, var x, var y, var z)
local  ( local pOut, local x, local y, local z)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, float fovY, float aspect, float zNear, float zFar)
var  ( var pOut, var fovY, var aspect, var zNear, var zFar)
local  ( local pOut, local fovY, local aspect, local zNear, local zFar)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, float left, float right, float bottom, float top, float nearVal, float farVal)
var  ( var pOut, var left, var right, var bottom, var top, var nearVal, var farVal)
local  ( local pOut, local left, local right, local bottom, local top, local nearVal, local farVal)
CC_DLL Mat4 (Mat4 *pOut, const Vec3 *pEye, const Vec3 *pCenter, const Vec3 *pUp)
var  ( var pOut, var pEye, var pCenter, var pUp)
local  ( local pOut, local pEye, local pCenter, local pUp)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, float x, float y, float z)
var  ( var pOut, var x, var y, var z)
local  ( local pOut, local x, local y, local z)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec3 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec3 *pIn)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV1, const Vec3 *pV2, float t)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2, var t)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2, local t)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pIn)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV1, const Vec3 *pV2)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec3 *pV1, const Vec3 *pV2)
var  ( var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV1, const Vec3 *pV2)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV1, const Vec3 *pV2)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV1, const Mat4 *pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pM)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV, const Mat4 *pM)
var  ( var pOut, var pV, var pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pV, local pM)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pV, const Mat4 *pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pV, local pM)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pIn, const float s)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn, local s)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut, const Vec3 *pIn)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec3 (Vec3 *pOut)
local  ( local pOut)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, float x, float y)
local  ( local pOut, local x, local y)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec2 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec2 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pV1, const Vec2 *pV2, float t)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2, var t)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2, local t)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pV1, const Vec2 *pV2)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec2 *pV1, const Vec2 *pV2)
var  ( var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pV1, const Vec2 *pV2)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pIn, const float s)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn, local s)
CC_DLL Vec2 (Vec2 *pOut, const Vec2 *pIn)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, float x, float y, float z, float w)
var  ( var pOut, var x, var y, var z, var w)
local  ( local pOut, local x, local y, local z, local w)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pV1, const Vec4 *pV2)
var  ( var pOut, var pV1, var pV2)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec4 *pV1, const Vec4 *pV2)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec4 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
CC_DLL float  (const Vec4 *pIn)
var  ( var pIn)
local  ( local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pV1, const Vec4 *pV2, float t)
local  ( local pOut, local pV1, local pV2, local t)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pIn)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pIn, const float s)
var  ( var pOut, var pIn, var s)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn, local s)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pV1, const Vec4 *pV2)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pIn)
local  ( local pOut, local pIn)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pV, const Mat4 *pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pV, local pM)
CC_DLL Vec4 (Vec4 *pOut, const Vec4 *pV, const Mat4 *pM)
var  ( var pOut, var pV, var pM)
local  ( local pOut, local pV, local pM)


const Vec2 CCPointZero
const Size CCSizeZero
var CCSizeZero
local CCSizeZero
const Rect CCRectZero
var CCRectZero
local CCRectZero
const Color3B ccWHITE
var ccWHITE
local ccWHITE
const Color3B ccYELLOW
var ccYELLOW
local ccYELLOW
const Color3B ccGREEN
var ccGREEN
local ccGREEN
const Color3B ccBLUE
var ccBLUE
local ccBLUE
const Color3B ccRED
var ccRED
local ccRED
const Color3B ccMAGENTA
local ccMAGENTA
const Color3B ccBLACK
var ccBLACK
local ccBLACK
const Color3B ccORANGE
var ccORANGE
local ccORANGE
const Color3B ccGRAY
var ccGRAY
local ccGRAY
const BlendFunc kCCBlendFuncDisable
var kCCBlendFuncDisable
local kCCBlendFuncDisable
const int kCCVertexAttrib_Position = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_POSITION
const int kCCVertexAttrib_Color = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_COLOR
var kCCVertexAttrib_Color = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_COLOR
local kCCVertexAttrib_Color = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_COLOR
const int kCCVertexAttrib_TexCoords = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_TEX_COORD
var kCCVertexAttrib_TexCoords = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_TEX_COORD
local kCCVertexAttrib_TexCoords = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_TEX_COORD
const int kCCVertexAttrib_MAX = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_MAX
var kCCVertexAttrib_MAX = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_MAX
local kCCVertexAttrib_MAX = GLProgram::VERTEX_ATTRIB_MAX
const int kCCUniformPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_P_MATRIX
var kCCUniformPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_P_MATRIX
local kCCUniformPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_P_MATRIX
const int kCCUniformMVMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MV_MATRIX
var kCCUniformMVMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MV_MATRIX
local kCCUniformMVMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MV_MATRIX
const int kCCUniformMVPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MVP_MATRIX
var kCCUniformMVPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MVP_MATRIX
local kCCUniformMVPMatrix = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MVP_MATRIX
const int kCCUniformTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_TIME
var kCCUniformTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_TIME
local kCCUniformTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_TIME
const int kCCUniformSinTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SIN_TIME
var kCCUniformSinTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SIN_TIME
local kCCUniformSinTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SIN_TIME
const int kCCUniformCosTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_COS_TIME
var kCCUniformCosTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_COS_TIME
local kCCUniformCosTime = GLProgram::UNIFORM_COS_TIME
const int kCCUniformRandom01 = GLProgram::UNIFORM_RANDOM01
var kCCUniformRandom01 = GLProgram::UNIFORM_RANDOM01
local kCCUniformRandom01 = GLProgram::UNIFORM_RANDOM01
const int kCCUniformSampler = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SAMPLER0
var kCCUniformSampler = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SAMPLER0
local kCCUniformSampler = GLProgram::UNIFORM_SAMPLER0
const int kCCUniform_MAX = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MAX
var kCCUniform_MAX = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MAX
local kCCUniform_MAX = GLProgram::UNIFORM_MAX
const char * kCCShader_PositionTextureColor
var kCCShader_PositionTextureColor
local kCCShader_PositionTextureColor
const char * kCCShader_PositionTextureColorAlphaTest
var kCCShader_PositionTextureColorAlphaTest
local kCCShader_PositionTextureColorAlphaTest
const char * kCCShader_PositionColor
var kCCShader_PositionColor
local kCCShader_PositionColor
const char * kCCShader_PositionTexture
var kCCShader_PositionTexture
local kCCShader_PositionTexture
const char * kCCShader_PositionTexture_uColor
var kCCShader_PositionTexture_uColor
local kCCShader_PositionTexture_uColor
const char * kCCShader_PositionTextureA8Color
var kCCShader_PositionTextureA8Color
local kCCShader_PositionTextureA8Color
const char * kCCShader_Position_uColor
var kCCShader_Position_uColor
local kCCShader_Position_uColor
const char * kCCShader_PositionLengthTexureColor
var kCCShader_PositionLengthTexureColor
local kCCShader_PositionLengthTexureColor
const char * kCCUniformPMatrix_s
var kCCUniformPMatrix_s
local kCCUniformPMatrix_s
const char * kCCUniformMVMatrix_s
var kCCUniformMVMatrix_s
local kCCUniformMVMatrix_s
const char * kCCUniformMVPMatrix_s
var kCCUniformMVPMatrix_s
local kCCUniformMVPMatrix_s
const char * kCCUniformTime_s
var kCCUniformTime_s
local kCCUniformTime_s
const char * kCCUniformSinTime_s
var kCCUniformSinTime_s
local kCCUniformSinTime_s
const char * kCCUniformCosTime_s
var kCCUniformCosTime_s
local kCCUniformCosTime_s
const char * kCCUniformRandom01_s
var kCCUniformRandom01_s
local kCCUniformRandom01_s
const char * kCCUniformSampler_s
var kCCUniformSampler_s
local kCCUniformSampler_s
const char * kCCUniformAlphaTestValue
var kCCUniformAlphaTestValue
local kCCUniformAlphaTestValue
const char * kCCAttributeNameColor
var kCCAttributeNameColor
local kCCAttributeNameColor
const char * kCCAttributeNamePosition
var kCCAttributeNamePosition
local kCCAttributeNamePosition
const char * kCCAttributeNameTexCoord
var kCCAttributeNameTexCoord
local kCCAttributeNameTexCoord
const int kCCVertexAttribFlag_None = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_NONE
var kCCVertexAttribFlag_None = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_NONE
local kCCVertexAttribFlag_None = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_NONE
const int kCCVertexAttribFlag_Position = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POSITION
var kCCVertexAttribFlag_Position = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POSITION
local kCCVertexAttribFlag_Position = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POSITION
const int kCCVertexAttribFlag_Color = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_COLOR
var kCCVertexAttribFlag_Color = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_COLOR
local kCCVertexAttribFlag_Color = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_COLOR
const int kCCVertexAttribFlag_TexCoords = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_TEX_COORD
var kCCVertexAttribFlag_TexCoords = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_TEX_COORD
local kCCVertexAttribFlag_TexCoords = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_TEX_COORD
const int kCCVertexAttribFlag_PosColorTex = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POS_COLOR_TEX
var kCCVertexAttribFlag_PosColorTex = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POS_COLOR_TEX
local kCCVertexAttribFlag_PosColorTex = GL::VERTEX_ATTRIB_FLAG_POS_COLOR_TEX
const ProgressTimer::Type kCCProgressTimerTypeRadial = ProgressTimer::Type::RADIAL
var kCCProgressTimerTypeRadial = ProgressTimer::Type::RADIAL
local kCCProgressTimerTypeRadial = ProgressTimer::Type::RADIAL
const ProgressTimer::Type kCCProgressTimerTypeBar = ProgressTimer::Type::BAR
var kCCProgressTimerTypeBar = ProgressTimer::Type::BAR
local kCCProgressTimerTypeBar = ProgressTimer::Type::BAR
const Director::Projection kCCDirectorProjection2D = Director::Projection::_2D
var kCCDirectorProjection2D = Director::Projection::_2D
local kCCDirectorProjection2D = Director::Projection::_2D
const Director::Projection kCCDirectorProjection3D = Director::Projection::_3D
var kCCDirectorProjection3D = Director::Projection::_3D
local kCCDirectorProjection3D = Director::Projection::_3D
const Director::Projection kCCDirectorProjectionCustom = Director::Projection::CUSTOM
var kCCDirectorProjectionCustom = Director::Projection::CUSTOM
local kCCDirectorProjectionCustom = Director::Projection::CUSTOM
const Director::Projection kCCDirectorProjectionDefault = Director::Projection::DEFAULT
var kCCDirectorProjectionDefault = Director::Projection::DEFAULT
local kCCDirectorProjectionDefault = Director::Projection::DEFAULT
const TextVAlignment kCCVerticalTextAlignmentTop = TextVAlignment::TOP
var kCCVerticalTextAlignmentTop = TextVAlignment::TOP
local kCCVerticalTextAlignmentTop = TextVAlignment::TOP
const TextVAlignment kCCVerticalTextAlignmentCenter = TextVAlignment::CENTER
var kCCVerticalTextAlignmentCenter = TextVAlignment::CENTER
local kCCVerticalTextAlignmentCenter = TextVAlignment::CENTER
const TextVAlignment kCCVerticalTextAlignmentBottom = TextVAlignment::BOTTOM
var kCCVerticalTextAlignmentBottom = TextVAlignment::BOTTOM
local kCCVerticalTextAlignmentBottom = TextVAlignment::BOTTOM
const TextHAlignment kCCTextAlignmentLeft = TextHAlignment::LEFT
var kCCTextAlignmentLeft = TextHAlignment::LEFT
local kCCTextAlignmentLeft = TextHAlignment::LEFT
const TextHAlignment kCCTextAlignmentCenter = TextHAlignment::CENTER
var kCCTextAlignmentCenter = TextHAlignment::CENTER
local kCCTextAlignmentCenter = TextHAlignment::CENTER
const TextHAlignment kCCTextAlignmentRight = TextHAlignment::RIGHT
var kCCTextAlignmentRight = TextHAlignment::RIGHT
local kCCTextAlignmentRight = TextHAlignment::RIGHT
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA8888 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGBA8888
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB888 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGB888
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB565 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGB565
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_A8 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::A8
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_I8 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::I8
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_I8 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::I8
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_I8 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::I8
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_AI88 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::AI88
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_AI88 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::AI88
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_AI88 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::AI88
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA4444 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGBA4444
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA4444 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGBA4444
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA4444 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGBA4444
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB5A1 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGB5A1
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB5A1 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGB5A1
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB5A1 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGB5A1
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC4 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC4
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC4 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC4
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC4 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC4
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC2 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC2
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC2 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC2
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_PVRTC2 = Texture2D::PixelFormat::PVRTC2
const Texture2D::PixelFormat kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_Default = Texture2D::PixelFormat::DEFAULT
var kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_Default = Texture2D::PixelFormat::DEFAULT
local kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_Default = Texture2D::PixelFormat::DEFAULT
const int kCCParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
var kCCParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
local kCCParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
const int kCCParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
var kCCParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
local kCCParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
const int kCCParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
var kCCParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
local kCCParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
const int kParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
var kParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
local kParticleDurationInfinity = ParticleSystem::DURATION_INFINITY
const int kParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
var kParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
local kParticleStartSizeEqualToEndSize = ParticleSystem::START_SIZE_EQUAL_TO_END_SIZE
const int kParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
var kParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
local kParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius = ParticleSystem::START_RADIUS_EQUAL_TO_END_RADIUS
const ParticleSystem::Mode kCCParticleModeGravity = ParticleSystem::Mode::GRAVITY
var kCCParticleModeGravity = ParticleSystem::Mode::GRAVITY
local kCCParticleModeGravity = ParticleSystem::Mode::GRAVITY
const ParticleSystem::Mode kCCParticleModeRadius = ParticleSystem::Mode::RADIUS
var kCCParticleModeRadius = ParticleSystem::Mode::RADIUS
local kCCParticleModeRadius = ParticleSystem::Mode::RADIUS
const int kCCParticleDefaultCapacity = kParticleDefaultCapacity
var kCCParticleDefaultCapacity = kParticleDefaultCapacity
local kCCParticleDefaultCapacity = kParticleDefaultCapacity
const ParticleSystem::PositionType kCCPositionTypeFree = ParticleSystem::PositionType::FREE
const ParticleSystem::PositionType kCCPositionTypeRelative = ParticleSystem::PositionType::RELATIVE
var kCCPositionTypeRelative = ParticleSystem::PositionType::RELATIVE
local kCCPositionTypeRelative = ParticleSystem::PositionType::RELATIVE
const ParticleSystem::PositionType kCCPositionTypeGrouped = ParticleSystem::PositionType::GROUPED
var kCCPositionTypeGrouped = ParticleSystem::PositionType::GROUPED
local kCCPositionTypeGrouped = ParticleSystem::PositionType::GROUPED
const Menu::State kCCMenuStateWaiting = Menu::State::WAITING
const Menu::State kCCMenuStateTrackingTouch = Menu::State::TRACKING_TOUCH
var kCCMenuStateTrackingTouch = Menu::State::TRACKING_TOUCH
local kCCMenuStateTrackingTouch = Menu::State::TRACKING_TOUCH
const Touch::DispatchMode kCCTouchesOneByOne = Touch::DispatchMode::ONE_BY_ONE
var kCCTouchesOneByOne = Touch::DispatchMode::ONE_BY_ONE
local kCCTouchesOneByOne = Touch::DispatchMode::ONE_BY_ONE
const Touch::DispatchMode kCCTouchesAllAtOnce = Touch::DispatchMode::ALL_AT_ONCE
var kCCTouchesAllAtOnce = Touch::DispatchMode::ALL_AT_ONCE
local kCCTouchesAllAtOnce = Touch::DispatchMode::ALL_AT_ONCE
const Image::Format kCCImageFormatPNG = Image::Format::PNG
var kCCImageFormatPNG = Image::Format::PNG
local kCCImageFormatPNG = Image::Format::PNG
const Image::Format kCCImageFormatJPEG = Image::Format::JPG
var kCCImageFormatJPEG = Image::Format::JPG
local kCCImageFormatJPEG = Image::Format::JPG
const TransitionScene::Orientation kCCTransitionOrientationLeftOver = TransitionScene::Orientation::LEFT_OVER
const TransitionScene::Orientation kCCTransitionOrientationRightOver = TransitionScene::Orientation::RIGHT_OVER
const TransitionScene::Orientation kCCTransitionOrientationUpOver = TransitionScene::Orientation::UP_OVER
const TransitionScene::Orientation kCCTransitionOrientationDownOver = TransitionScene::Orientation::DOWN_OVER
const int kCCPrioritySystem = Scheduler::PRIORITY_SYSTEM
const int kCCPriorityNonSystemMin = Scheduler::PRIORITY_NON_SYSTEM_MIN
var kCCPriorityNonSystemMin = Scheduler::PRIORITY_NON_SYSTEM_MIN
local kCCPriorityNonSystemMin = Scheduler::PRIORITY_NON_SYSTEM_MIN
const int kCCActionTagInvalid = Action::INVALID_TAG
var kCCActionTagInvalid = Action::INVALID_TAG
local kCCActionTagInvalid = Action::INVALID_TAG
const int kCCNodeTagInvalid = Node::INVALID_TAG
var kCCNodeTagInvalid = Node::INVALID_TAG
local kCCNodeTagInvalid = Node::INVALID_TAG
const int kCCNodeOnEnter = kNodeOnEnter
var kCCNodeOnEnter = kNodeOnEnter
local kCCNodeOnEnter = kNodeOnEnter
const int kCCNodeOnExit = kNodeOnExit
var kCCNodeOnExit = kNodeOnExit
local kCCNodeOnExit = kNodeOnExit
const int kCCNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish = kNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish
var kCCNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish = kNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish
local kCCNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish = kNodeOnEnterTransitionDidFinish
const int kCCNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart = kNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart
var kCCNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart = kNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart
local kCCNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart = kNodeOnExitTransitionDidStart
const int kCCNodeOnCleanup = kNodeOnCleanup
var kCCNodeOnCleanup = kNodeOnCleanup
local kCCNodeOnCleanup = kNodeOnCleanup
const LanguageType kLanguageEnglish = LanguageType::ENGLISH
var kLanguageEnglish = LanguageType::ENGLISH
local kLanguageEnglish = LanguageType::ENGLISH
const LanguageType kLanguageChinese = LanguageType::CHINESE
var kLanguageChinese = LanguageType::CHINESE
local kLanguageChinese = LanguageType::CHINESE
const LanguageType kLanguageFrench = LanguageType::FRENCH
var kLanguageFrench = LanguageType::FRENCH
local kLanguageFrench = LanguageType::FRENCH
const LanguageType kLanguageItalian = LanguageType::ITALIAN
var kLanguageItalian = LanguageType::ITALIAN
local kLanguageItalian = LanguageType::ITALIAN
const LanguageType kLanguageGerman = LanguageType::GERMAN
var kLanguageGerman = LanguageType::GERMAN
local kLanguageGerman = LanguageType::GERMAN
const LanguageType kLanguageSpanish = LanguageType::SPANISH
var kLanguageSpanish = LanguageType::SPANISH
local kLanguageSpanish = LanguageType::SPANISH
const LanguageType kLanguageRussian = LanguageType::RUSSIAN
var kLanguageRussian = LanguageType::RUSSIAN
local kLanguageRussian = LanguageType::RUSSIAN
const LanguageType kLanguageKorean = LanguageType::KOREAN
var kLanguageKorean = LanguageType::KOREAN
local kLanguageKorean = LanguageType::KOREAN
const LanguageType kLanguageJapanese = LanguageType::JAPANESE
var kLanguageJapanese = LanguageType::JAPANESE
local kLanguageJapanese = LanguageType::JAPANESE
const LanguageType kLanguageHungarian = LanguageType::HUNGARIAN
var kLanguageHungarian = LanguageType::HUNGARIAN
local kLanguageHungarian = LanguageType::HUNGARIAN
const LanguageType kLanguagePortuguese = LanguageType::PORTUGUESE
var kLanguagePortuguese = LanguageType::PORTUGUESE
local kLanguagePortuguese = LanguageType::PORTUGUESE
const LanguageType kLanguageArabic = LanguageType::ARABIC
var kLanguageArabic = LanguageType::ARABIC
local kLanguageArabic = LanguageType::ARABIC
const LanguageType kLanguageNorwegian = LanguageType::NORWEGIAN
var kLanguageNorwegian = LanguageType::NORWEGIAN
local kLanguageNorwegian = LanguageType::NORWEGIAN
const LanguageType kLanguagePolish = LanguageType::POLISH
var kLanguagePolish = LanguageType::POLISH
local kLanguagePolish = LanguageType::POLISH
const Application::Platform kTargetWindows = Application::Platform::OS_WINDOWS
var kTargetWindows = Application::Platform::OS_WINDOWS
local kTargetWindows = Application::Platform::OS_WINDOWS
const Application::Platform kTargetLinux = Application::Platform::OS_LINUX
var kTargetLinux = Application::Platform::OS_LINUX
local kTargetLinux = Application::Platform::OS_LINUX
const Application::Platform kTargetMacOS = Application::Platform::OS_MAC
var kTargetMacOS = Application::Platform::OS_MAC
local kTargetMacOS = Application::Platform::OS_MAC
const Application::Platform kTargetAndroid = Application::Platform::OS_ANDROID
var kTargetAndroid = Application::Platform::OS_ANDROID
local kTargetAndroid = Application::Platform::OS_ANDROID
const Application::Platform kTargetIphone = Application::Platform::OS_IPHONE
var kTargetIphone = Application::Platform::OS_IPHONE
local kTargetIphone = Application::Platform::OS_IPHONE
const Application::Platform kTargetIpad = Application::Platform::OS_IPAD
var kTargetIpad = Application::Platform::OS_IPAD
local kTargetIpad = Application::Platform::OS_IPAD
const Application::Platform kTargetBlackBerry = Application::Platform::OS_BLACKBERRY
var kTargetBlackBerry = Application::Platform::OS_BLACKBERRY
local kTargetBlackBerry = Application::Platform::OS_BLACKBERRY
const Application::Platform kTargetNaCl = Application::Platform::OS_NACL
var kTargetNaCl = Application::Platform::OS_NACL
local kTargetNaCl = Application::Platform::OS_NACL
const Application::Platform kTargetEmscripten = Application::Platform::OS_EMSCRIPTEN
var kTargetEmscripten = Application::Platform::OS_EMSCRIPTEN
local kTargetEmscripten = Application::Platform::OS_EMSCRIPTEN
const Application::Platform kTargetTizen = Application::Platform::OS_TIZEN
var kTargetTizen = Application::Platform::OS_TIZEN
local kTargetTizen = Application::Platform::OS_TIZEN
const Application::Platform kTargetWinRT = Application::Platform::OS_WINRT
var kTargetWinRT = Application::Platform::OS_WINRT
local kTargetWinRT = Application::Platform::OS_WINRT
const Application::Platform kTargetWP8 = Application::Platform::OS_WP8
var kTargetWP8 = Application::Platform::OS_WP8
local kTargetWP8 = Application::Platform::OS_WP8
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionExactFit = ResolutionPolicy::EXACT_FIT
var kResolutionExactFit = ResolutionPolicy::EXACT_FIT
local kResolutionExactFit = ResolutionPolicy::EXACT_FIT
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionNoBorder = ResolutionPolicy::NO_BORDER
var kResolutionNoBorder = ResolutionPolicy::NO_BORDER
local kResolutionNoBorder = ResolutionPolicy::NO_BORDER
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionShowAll = ResolutionPolicy::SHOW_ALL
var kResolutionShowAll = ResolutionPolicy::SHOW_ALL
local kResolutionShowAll = ResolutionPolicy::SHOW_ALL
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionFixedHeight = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_HEIGHT
var kResolutionFixedHeight = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_HEIGHT
local kResolutionFixedHeight = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_HEIGHT
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionFixedWidth = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_WIDTH
var kResolutionFixedWidth = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_WIDTH
local kResolutionFixedWidth = ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_WIDTH
const ResolutionPolicy kResolutionUnKnown = ResolutionPolicy::UNKNOWN
var kResolutionUnKnown = ResolutionPolicy::UNKNOWN
local kResolutionUnKnown = ResolutionPolicy::UNKNOWN
const unsigned int KM_GL_MODELVIEW = 0x1700
const unsigned int KM_GL_PROJECTION = 0x1701
var KM_GL_PROJECTION = 0x1701
local KM_GL_PROJECTION = 0x1701
const unsigned int KM_GL_TEXTURE = 0x1702
var KM_GL_TEXTURE = 0x1702
local KM_GL_TEXTURE = 0x1702
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_NEG_Z
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_POS_Z
local KM_VEC3_POS_Z
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_POS_Y
local KM_VEC3_POS_Y
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_NEG_Y
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_NEG_X
local KM_VEC3_NEG_X
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_POS_X
local KM_VEC3_POS_X
const Vec3 KM_VEC3_ZERO
local KM_VEC3_ZERO
const Vec2 KM_VEC2_POS_Y
local KM_VEC2_POS_Y
const Vec2 KM_VEC2_NEG_Y
local KM_VEC2_NEG_Y
const Vec2 KM_VEC2_NEG_X
local KM_VEC2_NEG_X
const Vec2 KM_VEC2_POS_X
local KM_VEC2_POS_X
const Vec2 KM_VEC2_ZERO
local KM_VEC2_ZERO