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Size Class Reference

#include <CCGeometry.h>

Public Member Functions

 operator Vec2 () const
 operator Vec2 ()
 operator Vec2 ()
 Size ()
 Size ()
 Size (float width, float height)
 Size ( local width, local height)
 Size (const Size &other)
 Size (const Vec2 &point)
Sizeoperator= (const Size &other)
Sizeoperator= (const Vec2 &point)
Size operator+ (const Size &right) const
Size operator- (const Size &right) const
Size operator* (float a) const
Size operator/ (float a) const
void setSize (float width, float height)
bool equals (const Size &target) const

Public Attributes

float width
var width
local width
float height
var height
local height

Static Public Attributes

static const Size ZERO
local ZERO

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Size ( )
local Size ( )
Size ( float  width,
float  height 
local Size ( local  width,
local  height 
Size ( const Size other)
Size ( const Vec2 point)

Member Function Documentation

bool equals ( const Size target) const
local equals ( local  target)
operator Vec2 ( ) const
var Vec2 ( )
local Vec2 ( )
Size operator* ( float  a) const
Size operator+ ( const Size right) const
Size operator- ( const Size right) const
Size operator/ ( float  a) const
Size& operator= ( const Size other)
Size& operator= ( const Vec2 point)
void setSize ( float  width,
float  height 

Member Data Documentation

float height
var height
local height
float width
var width
local width
const Size ZERO
var ZERO
local ZERO

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