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Profiler Class Reference

Profiler cocos2d builtin profiler. More...

#include <CCProfiling.h>

Inheritance diagram for Profiler:

Public Member Functions

 ~Profiler (void)
void displayTimers (void)
 display the timers More...
bool init (void)
ProfilingTimercreateAndAddTimerWithName (const char *timerName)
 Creates and adds a new timer. More...
void releaseTimer (const char *timerName)
 releases a timer More...
void releaseAllTimers ()
 releases all timers More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ref
void retain ()
 Retains the ownership. More...
void release ()
 Releases the ownership immediately. More...
Refautorelease ()
 Releases the ownership sometime soon automatically. More...
unsigned int getReferenceCount () const
 Returns the Ref's current reference count. More...
local getReferenceCount ()
 Returns the Ref's current reference count. More...
virtual ~Ref ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ProfilergetInstance (void)
 returns the singleton More...
static ProfilersharedProfiler (void)

Public Attributes

Map< std::string,
ProfilingTimer * > 

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ref
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ref
unsigned int _referenceCount
 count of references More...
local _referenceCount
 count of references More...

Detailed Description

Profiler cocos2d builtin profiler.

To use it, enable set the CC_ENABLE_PROFILERS=1 in the ccConfig.h file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~Profiler ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

( const char *  timerName)

Creates and adds a new timer.

void displayTimers ( void  )

display the timers

static Profiler* getInstance ( void  )

returns the singleton

bool init ( void  )
void releaseAllTimers ( )

releases all timers

void releaseTimer ( const char *  timerName)

releases a timer

static Profiler* sharedProfiler ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

ProfilingTimer*> _activeTimers

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