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TTFConfig Struct Reference

#include <CCLabel.h>

Public Member Functions

 _ttfConfig (const char *filePath="", int size=12, const GlyphCollection &glyphCollection=GlyphCollection::DYNAMIC, const char *customGlyphCollection=nullptr, bool useDistanceField=false, int outline=0)
 _ttfConfig ( var 12, var DYNAMIC, var nullptr, var false, var 0)
 _ttfConfig ( local 12, local DYNAMIC, local nullptr, local false, local 0)

Public Attributes

std::string fontFilePath
var fontFilePath
local fontFilePath
int fontSize
GlyphCollection glyphs
const char * customGlyphs
bool distanceFieldEnabled
int outlineSize
var outlineSize
local outlineSize

Member Function Documentation

_ttfConfig ( const char *  filePath = "",
int  size = 12,
const GlyphCollection &  glyphCollection = GlyphCollection::DYNAMIC,
const char *  customGlyphCollection = nullptr,
bool  useDistanceField = false,
int  outline = 0 
var _ttfConfig ( var  filePath = "",
var  size = 12,
var  glyphCollection = GlyphCollection::DYNAMIC,
var  customGlyphCollection = nullptr,
var  useDistanceField = false,
var  outline = 0 
local _ttfConfig ( local  filePath = "",
local  size = 12,
local  glyphCollection = GlyphCollection::DYNAMIC,
local  customGlyphCollection = nullptr,
local  useDistanceField = false,
local  outline = 0 

Member Data Documentation

const char* customGlyphs
bool distanceFieldEnabled
var distanceFieldEnabled
local distanceFieldEnabled
std::string fontFilePath
var fontFilePath
local fontFilePath
int fontSize
var fontSize
local fontSize
GlyphCollection glyphs
var glyphs
local glyphs
int outlineSize
var outlineSize
local outlineSize

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